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Privacy Complaints

Privacy complaints can be made under the Information Privacy Act 2009.

The IP Act enables individuals to access and amend their own personal information; and provides for 11 Information Privacy Principles (IPPs), to which Council is bound.

Council's privacy policy

Logan City Council adopted a Privacy Policy (PDF 132 KB) on 31 March 2015.

Through the implementation of this policy, Council agrees to:

  • Comply with the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs);
  • Not to transfer personal information out of Australia unless the transfer complies with section 33 of the IP Act; and
  • To take reasonable steps to make its contractors subject to the IP Act.

If you consider that your privacy has been breached by Council and this has occured on or after 1 July 2010, then see Chapter 5 of the Information Privacy Act 2009

If you make a complaint, Council will handle your complaint in accordance with its Privacy Complaints Handling Procedure (PDF 35 KB).

Who can make a privacy complaint?

Generally, a person can only make a complaint about their own personal information. However:

  • An agent (e.g. lawyer) may complain on behalf of a person, if authorised to do so; or
  • A parent may complain on behalf of their child.

What is a public interest approval?

The IP Act allows for agencies to apply to the Queensland Information Commissioner for an approval to waive or modify privacy principle obligations in the public interest. For further information about public interest approvals refer to the Office of the Information Commissioner website.

Submitting a complaint

Before you complain, you should ensure that you have satisfied all of the requirements of our Privacy Complaint Checklist (PDF 36 KB).

Your complaint must be made in writing, either by:

  • Completing the Privacy Complaint Form (PDF 40 KB); or
  • Detailing your complaint in a letter to Council; or
  • Contacting Council on 07 3412 3412 where an officer can assist you.


If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, and more than 45 business days have passed since the complaint was made, you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Information Commissioner.


For more information on privacy complaints, please contact the Administrative Review & Ethics team on 07 3412 3412 where an officer can assist you.