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Health, Environment & Sustainability


Chairperson: Councillor Bradley

Members: Mayor T L Smith, Councillors Raven, McIntosh, L W Smith, Dalley, Power and Schwarz

Refer to Calendar of Meetings - January to June 2016 (PDF 31 KB) and July to December 2016 (PDF 31 KB) for upcoming meetings.

Please note: The Health, Environment & Sustinability Committee meeting to be held on 31 May 2016 will commence at 10.30am, or 10 minutes after the conclusion of the Planning & Development Committee meeting.

List of items


Attachments to reports (background papers) are available electronically. If you have difficulty viewing some background papers because of low resolution, you should contact the Governance Branch on 3412 5463 and request documents of a higher resolution.


Minutes for the Health, Environment & Sustainability (formerly known as Parks, Health, Environment & Sustainability) Committee meetings are available below for 12 months following each meeting.

Each Committee meeting provides recommendations to the Ordinary Council meeting held on the Tuesday in the week following the Committee meeting. At the Ordinary Council meeting the recommendations of Committee are formally resolved.

Health, Environment & Sustainability

Terms of reference

View the Terms of Reference (PDF 31 KB).