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Cornubia Park Sports Centre to be given new lease on life by Logan Basketball Inc.

Published: 17 May 2016

Cornubia Park Sports Centre to be given new lease on life by Logan Basketball Inc.

The Cornubia Park Sports Centre will soon be under new management after a proposal to lease the centre by its principal user, Logan Basketball Inc. was approved by Council.

The centre joins more than 100 sports facilities already successfully leased and managed by sporting clubs and community organisations in Logan under long-term lease arrangements with Council.

Sports and Community Services Committee Chairperson, Cr Steve Swenson said Council was delighted by the detailed proposal which ticked all of the boxes for providing increased community access to the facility, reducing costs to other users and improving the facility.

“Logan Basketball Inc. provided a very professional business plan, demonstrating it had the expertise and resources to effectively manage the centre, invest in making the centre better and providing greater benefit to the community,” he said.

“The club will be able to achieve significant cost savings with the assistance of its volunteer base and plans to make enhancements to the centre.

“An added benefit for Council and other sporting and community organisations is that the lease payments and reduced running costs for Council will free up funds that can be reinvested in programs to develop sports and community facilities across the city.”

“There are significant benefits to the centre’s users and community – with no drawbacks – including no job losses.

“Logan Basketball Inc. should be congratulated for the quality of its proposal and its emphasis on making valuable community resource even better,” Cr Swenson said.

General Manager of Logan Basketball Inc., Joshua Pascoe, said the lease would provide a significant step forward for Logan Basketball and the community as a whole.

“While developing the proposal was a long process, it has definitely been worthwhile as it has ensured that the best possible outcomes for the centre and community are achieved,” he said.

“Our focus will remain on multi-sport use, as we believe that this represents the best use of the facility for the community now and into the future.

“In addition to this, a reduction in the operating costs of the facility will be passed onto the users in order to help all sports progress.

“The next step is to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.”

Council will enter into negotiations for a five year lease with Logan Basketball Inc. following the decision.