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Tell us what you think: Draft corporate plan out for comment

Published: 27 March 2017

Tell us what you think: Draft corporate plan out for comment

Logan City Council wants your views on its new vision for the city.

Council’s draft Corporate Plan, to be released next Monday, covers strategic directions for the City of Logan to 2022.

Mayor Luke Smith said the plan was developed with councillors last year.

“This in-depth consultation produced fresh directions for the city, specifically a new vision and priorities,” Mayor Smith said.

“Now it’s time to ask the community what they think, to incorporate their views and put the plan into action through the annual operational plan and budget.

“This will feed into the business plans for all of our branches. So, if you think there’s something Council should be doing, let us know.”

Mayor Smith said the blueprint contained exciting initiatives for the future of Logan.

“For too long there’s been a focus on the problems that face our city. Now it’s time to change that approach and believe in the city we can become,” he said.

“One of the most consistent messages I hear is that people want to work where they live, but every day a constant stream of cars travel out of Logan and this daily commute is causing traffic congestion.

“Addressing this issue presents an unprecedented opportunity for Logan to become a business and economic powerhouse.

“With the digital world upon us, we can drive innovation and adopt progressive urban design, so we can become one of Australia’s leading Smart Cities.

“We’ll achieve this by operating beyond trends – becoming a next generation government and forging innovative and global partnerships.

“I’m challenging each and every one of us to drive this shift and refocus on the unlimited potential here.”

The draft Corporate Plan outlines the priorities of quality lifestyles, convenient connections, economic transformation, image and identity, being green and renewable, and next generation governance. Copies are available at Council’s Customer Service Centre, libraries and website until 30 April.