Annual Report

Council's report to its community and stakeholders on its performance and achievements, and its planned outcomes.


Council's annual budget showing major areas of expenditure, discounts, rates and how funds are allocated to meet key priorities.

Corporate Plan

Council's strategic business plan to address community needs and expectations.

Customer Service Charter

Logan City Council has a strong focus on providing a high level of customer service to all of its customers and its community.

Fees & Charges

Council's register of regulatory fees and schedule of commercial and other charges in detail.

Financial Performance Reports

Monthly executive financial performance reports presenting a budget overview, key capital projects and key budget success factors.

Infrastructure for Our Future

Demonstrates a long-term approach to the planning and delivery of infrastructure, recognising that infrastructure supports population growth.

Operational Plan

The operational plan is an important document in Council's business, where it focuses on key community-facing and strategic organisational projects.

Our Logan Magazine

This magazine is produced by Logan City Council covering a wide range of Council related issues.

Passport to Logan City

Passport to Logan City is a guide to to free and low-cost events and activities produced by Logan City Council.

Rediscover Logan

Logan City's heroes and stars, amazing volunteers, thriving businesses and glimpses of the past, present and future have been captured in a series of inspirational publications.

Water and Wastewater Price Mitigation Plan

This document is Logan City Council’s (LCC) Price Mitigation Plan that it will apply to water and wastewater pricing from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2019 for its local government area as required by the Fairer Water Prices for SEQ Amendment Act 2011.