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Logan Listens: Residents' Survey

Council values regular feedback from our residents. It is important that we know about resident's satisfaction with our services overall.

Each year, Council conducts an annual resident's survey to gather information from residents about many of our services and facilities.

2016 Residents' Survey

This survey is conducted to provide a clear sense of the services that are most important to the community, and provide feedback on how well we are delivering these services. The survey results will provide us with vital information to ensure our corporate priorities are aligned with our community's values and expectations.

Council conducted its sixth survey between 5 -13 September 2016.

Who is included?

Residents, aged over 18 years and who have lived in Logan for at least 6 months, will be selected through random sampling techniques to participate in the survey. The results will be analysed for Council overall, and also split into results for the rural and urban areas.

The sample size of 800 residents will result in both accurate and reliable results

2016 results

Previous results