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Tender Process

The tender process

  • Tender's are advertised in a paper of general distribution in the local government area (The Courier Mail, Logan West Leader, Albert and Logan News etc).
  • Tender documents can be freely downloaded and submissions are to be lodged online via LG Tenderbox at prior to the closing date and time (Initially you must register your details with LG Tender Box prior to downloading documentation).
  • Tender closes (a minimum of 21 days after the date of advertising).
  • Tender responses evaluated and a recommendation made to Council for ratification.
  • All applicants notified of decision, (both successful and unsuccessful tenderers).
  • A Contract document is signed by all parties to the contract.
  • Tender debrief conducted with all tenderers upon request.
  • Contractors performance is monitored at regular review meetings held throughout the period of the contract.

Tender documents

Tender documents are issued by the principal to invite quotations or the documents submitted by the contractors in response to a tender inquiry.

Tender inquiry documents are documents issued by the principal inviting tenderers to make an offer to the principal for carrying out the work.

They generally comprise the specification, conditions of contract and any necessary additional technical and commercial documents.

Tender process contacts

  • Corporate Procurement Program Leader - Phone: 07 3412 4405
  • Tendering & Contracts Team Leader - Phone: 07 3412 5964
  • Administration Manager - Phone: 07 3412 5448
  • Email: