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Logan: City of Choice

The Logan: City of Choice initiative is helping the City of Logan grow and prosper into a connected, sustainable city.

The initiative is being delivered through the City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan 2013-2015. It was the result of the Logan: City of Choice Summit in February 2013, which attracted more than 1,000 people from community, business and non-government sectors, as well as Council, State and Federal Government representatives. While a number of actions were initiated immediately following the summit, the Two-Year Action Plan was further developed over a number of subsequent months. It was formally endorsed by Logan City Council in December 2013. It outlines actions across the following key themes:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Safety
  • Social infrastructure (including youth)
  • Communication and community involvement
  • Cultures
  • Transport

An independent City of Choice Leadership Team drives and oversees delivery of the Action Plan. It is comprises representatives from the community, business sector, non-government agencies, the Federal Government, State Government and Logan City Council. Each level of government has responsibilities for initiatives and programs as identified in the Action Plan. Logan City Councillors have taken on responsibilities to drive and support actions for which Council has responsibility. They are each supported by key Council staff, who also work closely with the Leadership Team.

Much has been achieved to date and the City of Choice initiative can only succeed with the continuing commitment, passion and enthusiasm of stakeholders at all levels.

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