Logan: City of Choice

The Logan: City of Choice Summit attracted more than 1,000 residents, community members, non-government and business sector leaders and local state and federal government representatives when it was held in February 2013. Participants explored five social themes that influence our local neighbourhoods: 

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Safety
  • Social infrastructure
  • Education

This city-wide conversation resulted in a set of priorities captured in a two-year action plan. This action plan is being delivered by the City of Choice Leadership Team. In addition to the five key themes, the Leadership Team is also focussing on transport, cultural diversity and community engagement to improve connectivity, social cohesion and place-based decision-making.

City of Choice Action Plan

The City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan (2013-2015) is a strategic document to guide community, business and government decision making over the next two years and beyond.

City of Choice Leadership Team

The City of Choice Leadership Team has been established to finalise and drive the implementation of the Logan: City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan.

News and Achievements

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State of the City Report

This report is comprehensive profile of Logan City across a range of social and economic indicators with regional, state and national comparisons.