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Community Project Grants Awarded

The following projects were successful in Round 1 2016 and were delivered between 1 July and 31 December 2016.

BodyEd Program

This project aims to address the growing incidence of both overweight and obesity in adolescents and the negative feelings about their bodies that is often associated. This intervention will include education about basic anatomy, diet and nutrition, body weight and resistance training, media literacy, and positive body image.

This program will teach high school students new ways to exercise outside of participating in sports. The exercises and information provided in this intervention will assist these adolescents in maintaining physical activity as they age, reducing the likelihood that they will become overweight and improving their health outcomes.

PREP for Parents (Providing Resources to Empower and Prepare Parents)

The project assists parents and guardians to plan and prepare for their future study, employment or business, by offering a free 6 week program alongside free childcare for children aged 0-5yrs. The project will provide the participant with greater confidence, skills and knowledge to facilitate access to future study/employment. A guest speaker will present information each session to share their experience in finding work, returning to study or starting their own business after being at home full time.

The Hub @ Regents Park

This project supports the delivery of the Regents Park Community Hub. A series of workshops will be delivered to the community on education and self improvement. Families from the Regent Park hub will be inspired to achieve their goals through self improvement and highlight opportunities for education. These information sessions will also reduce isolation amongst parents and carers and ensure social conncetions.

Doors to Unity

This project is a community driven program, which uses the medium of art- inspired by culture. The project will run as a series of art workshops facilitated by both headspace staff and art therapists, designed specifically for young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Each workshop will cover a different culture and language, resulting in a collection of artworks to be displayed above the doors of headspace Meadowbrook. Upon conclusion of the workshops, a showcase will be held to celebrate not only the artworks- but cultural diversity in Logan generally.

Community Forum

A range of community forums using a number of distinguished speakers addressing the community on the topic of Refugees and Asylum Seekers will be provided. This project aims to educate the public about Refugee and Asylum Seeker issues and celebrate their move to Australia through the provision of food and culture. This project is the first step in cultures living harmoniously, building tolerance and appreciation for one another’s culture and language.

The Community Hub Women's Sewing Collective

This project is a community-led project which has been developed in response to women accessing the Hubs and their needs. The project is aimed at strengthening community and family cohesion, supporting women to engage in skills development, english language practice, building confidence and self-esteem.

This will help women in developing sewing skills that will support them in gaining economic independence, budgeting, and forming business skills for future employment pathway opportunities as well as linking with the local community.

Pathways to Prep

This project is a prep transition program which combines music and developmental activities over six-weeks for children entering prep in 2017. The project will prepare children with the skills they require for starting school, as well as building parent capacity, with a focus on families from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

The program will also provide books to families every week through the support of Logan City Library, as well as enabling families to feel confident in exploring books and language with their children, in a way that takes into account the literacy of non-English speaking parents and carers.

Body Language Art Torso Workshop

This art workshop will give women of Domestic Violence the opportunity to use art as an outlet of what they feel inside. Many of the marginalised people we work with have backgrounds that include violence, neglect, abuse, depression, isolation and fear.

The use of plaster torsos helps them create an external expression of their personal journey in a way that is emotional, honest, and often thought provoking. It gives the individual a process whereby they can develop and expand on an initial theme through to completion. This enables them to experience a sense of identity and ownership expressing what they feel on the inside, on the outside of their art torso. The participants also learn vital skills such as team work, compassion for others, inner strength and confidence. Through art they find their voice.

Community First Aid and CPR Training

LECNA will hold free first aid training sessions which will be offered to low income earners living in Logan City. The prohibitive cost associated with these training sessions often excludes families who are on low incomes and who are often more vulnerable to injury or illness. The ability to provide these families with free training will increase the numbers of skilled individuals within our communities who are able to be of assistance in the case of an emergency.

A loss of life impacts the whole community, thus having more people trained with first aid will provide social benefits to the community, by increasing skill levels and the numbers of people who are able to provide assistance. It will also allow these community members to develop their confidence, community connection and open up other avenues where they may wish to participate in their communities. The project will save lives.

Hear and Say School Hearing Screening Program Logan

Although all Australian newborns are now screened for deafness at birth, some childhood hearing losses have a later onset, and any degree of hearing loss impacts upon a child’s social interactions, emotional development and academic performance.

To combat this, Hear and Say has created a community led School Hearing Screening Program for Prep students (aged 5) in Queensland schools. This program identifies Prep students with previously undiagnosed hearing conditions and provides critical intervention to ensure those children are not limited by their hearing loss.

iRep Reality Check (IRC)

iRep Reality Check is a program that will run through a school term. This program will target two Logan High Schools directly aimed at senior students to assist them in creating a better awareness of the realities of what expectations they will face post school.

The project aims to achieve an informative overview where young people are provided with a broad range of information on what reality is facing them as an individual when completing their schooling and moving into adulthood for example budgeting, saving, insurances, medicare, renting a home and much, much more.

Lokutueng Community Background Campaign

Lokutueng will create a documentary that captures the unique experience of the Sudan war survivors, their children and community elders. The project aims to educate the wider Australian community about these individuals' lifestyle, background, and cultural differences.

The documentary will feature refugees of Sudanese background sharing their war-time stories, and how it has impacted their emotional, physical and mental health. We will also have the elders further classify what the Sudanese cultural practices are, and how they may be applied in each Sudanese Australian household. Furthermore, the documentary will then go on to clarify the challenges these refugees face when trying to settle into Australia, and how they believe these challenges can be overcome. This documentary will be based in Logan, and will be used for many years to come in hopes to decrease the cultural divide, and allow Sudanese people to better settle into Australia, and for Australians to be more accepting and understanding of their culture and background.

2016 Girls into Sport – Hazara Volleyball Project

This project provides a unique opportunity to promote healthy active lifestyles, a positive future orientation and strengthened community bonds for young women from refugee and migrant backgrounds in Logan.

This program is intended to support youth from refugee and migrant backgrounds in their transition into Australian life by providing them a stepping stone towards educational and employment opportunities whilst giving back to other women in their community as volunteer coaches. The 8-week training program, in addition to building the group size and skill-base, will also provide an opportunity for the young ‘coaches-in-training’ to gain critical on-court mentoring time.

Cultural Celebration

The aim of this project is to support and celebrate the Congolese community through the delivery of a range of workshops and activities. The wide range of opportunities available include but are not limited to music, dance, fashion parade, food drumming, self awareness workshops, education workshops on key topics and creative arts and crafts in Logan.

Shredders League

The Shredders League is the first coordinated league competition for skateboarders in Australia. The league is an open competition with a juniors and seniors format and will run in three twelve week seasons a year. The Logan City league will have a three week final series in each season, and will be a triangular contest between three crews, each from a different park in Logan.