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Community Project Grants Awarded

Round 1 2017 Funded Projects

The following projects were successful in Round 1 2017 and are being delivered between 1 July and 30 June 2018.

Homeless Care Education Seminars

On The Edge will conduct three homeless care educational seminars, engaging with people from local businesses, community groups, churches, schools and medical specialists. The seminars will provide education about the issues affecting people at risk of being homeless and those displaced by issues of domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction.   

Through collaborating with other community organisations and key note speakers, the aim of this program is to develop a whole community approach for meeting these challenges and towards breaking these cycles and establishing interventions to support those at risk.

For more information, contact Nikki Cheslin from On The Edge on 0402 118 419 or

Multicultural Football League

The Multicultural Sports Club’s community Multicultural Football League (MFL) is a low-cost sporting league to be based at Gould Adams Park in Kingston. MFL will provide regular, inclusive and affordable community sport open to Logan residents of all cultural backgrounds.

For more information, contact David Turner from Access Community Services on 3412 8222 or

Laugh Out Loud Funky Yoga

Laugh Out Loud Funky Yoga is a life transforming program designed for health, happiness and general wellbeing.  The class uses a variety of elements of joy such as: music, movement, stimulated laughter yoga, yogic breathing, games, simple stretches, and positive affirmations to help change mindsets and improve general health and wellness.

For more information, contact Monica Rivas from Access Community Services on 34128223 or

iStreet Australia Social Enterprise Street Food Van Phase 1

The Street Food Van Social Enterprise program is a person-centered, experimental learning experience which is flexible, dynamic and informal based on learning through shared action with an aim to finding creative solutions.

This program provides opportunity for disadvantaged young people from the Logan community to Earn while they Learn. Food preparation, art and culture can serve as a foundation from which an individual can be supported to make use of personal strengths and resources which he or she already possess.

For more information, contact Deborah Kingdom from iStreet Australia on 0459 217 198 or

The Community Hub Women's Sewing Collective

This project is a community-led project which has been developed in response to women accessing the Hubs and their needs. The project is aimed at strengthening community and family cohesion, supporting women to engage in skills development, English language practice, building confidence and self-esteem.

This will help women in developing sewing skills that will support them in gaining economic independence, budgeting, and forming business skills for future employment pathway opportunities as well as linking with the local community.

The Women’s Sewing Collective is open for all women from all cultures and childcare support at the Community Hub is available for all programs.

For more information, contact Grainne Taia from Access Community Services on 0411 019 307 or

Pathways to Prep

This project is a prep transition program which combines music and developmental activities over six-weeks for children entering prep in 2018. The project will prepare children with the skills they require for starting school, as well as building parent capacity, with a focus on families from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

The program will also provide books to families every week through the support of Logan City Library, as well as enabling families to feel confident in exploring books and language with their children, in a way that takes into account the literacy of non-English speaking parents and carers.

For more information, contact Grainne Taia from Access Community Services on 0411 019 307 or

Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

This program is designed to promote overall good health and wellbeing by providing a series of 10 workshops on a range of prominent community issues including: domestic violence, heart disease, diabetes, youth self-confidence and employment, preventing drug abuse, mental health and nutritional health and preventing obesity.

These issues are evident in the wider community and therefore the workshops will engage people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

For more information on these workshops, contact Zarina Rane from Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane on 0422 433 074

The Switch

The Switch is a connection and social inclusion initiative that will support people aged 50 years and over to connect to their local community, enhance their support network that also promotes independence and wellbeing.  The program will be operated by trained volunteers to make a regular telephone call to support people who may be lonely, live alone and are unable to connect with friends and family on a frequent basis.  

A regular telephone call can be made to you at your convenience for a well-being check, social chat or information about additional support and services available in your local area. The Switch Team does not provide counselling or professional advice.

For more information, or to request a phone call, please contact Tania Brown on 0478 088 824 or

U-Turn 2 Us

U-Turn 2 Us will bring sport and recreation activities to Logan community parks. The activities will promote active participation by youth and families and develop relationships using sport as a medium for positive relationships bringing cultures together.

U-Turn 2 Us will address a number of issues in the community including health and fitness, social cohesion, family connection and cultural interaction. It will also build links between the Police officers and community due to the engagement of police officers within the program.

The activities will be organised for Mondays from 3.30pm - 5.00pm each week excluding public holidays and monthly on a Friday afternoon 3.30pm - 5pm.  

For further information, contact Cherie McLean on 0412 790 869 or

Loganlea Community Centre Garden Program

The Loganlea Community Centre Garden Program will upgrade the existing garden and provide a community garden program that is ongoing, sustainable and inclusive of all community members, including: pre-schoolers, local state schools, disadvantaged, people living with a disability and seniors groups.

The program will have a focus on ongoing education, up-skilling and promotion of both environmental matters and health and wellbeing through facilitated activities such as guest speakers and garden therapy.

If you would like more information, or would like to join the community garden group, contact Lindel Walters from the Loganlea Community Centre on 38058260 or

Personalised IPod Music Lists

The Personalised IPod Music List project will engage the local community to assist in setting up Music & Memory programs to enhance the lives of the elderly who are living with dementia through personalised IPod Music lists. The project will engage with Arts Health Institute to deliver training for both staff of Trinder Park and people in the community caring for people living with dementia in the Music & Memory framework

For further information, contact Leona Counsell from Trinder Park Lutheran Community Care on 33874999

Kingston East Neighbourhood Group Programs

Group Safety for Seniors

This program will develop the confidence of participants to know how to respond to First Aid situations and become more aware of the lifestyle behaviours that can reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring. This program also allows seniors to connect with other community members in a social setting,

Adult and Senior Yoga

Adults and Seniors will participate in a light gentle exercise, which addresses many of the rising health issues within the Logan area. Yoga is also beneficial for relaxation and positive mental health, focussing on slowing down and breathing.

Community Gardening Project

This project will allow community members to connect with their environment and learn about sustainability, being environmentally friendly, healthy living and healthy eating. Gardening is also a gentle form of exercise and promotes good mental health.

For more information on any of the above programs, contact Anna from the Kingston East Neighbourhood Group on 38081684 or

Round 2 2017 Funded Projects

The following projects were successful in Round 2 2017 and are being delivered between 1 January 2018 and 1 January 2019.

PIC UP (Prosperity In Community Under Play)

PIC UP is a weekly ongoing social sports program that provides a sound and secure area for sporting participation and encourages more ownership of the space and facilities in the area. PIC UP takes its name from the term pick-up game, which is a game that has been spontaneously started by a group of players.

PIC UP is a soft entry point for service providers to engage with young people aged between 12-17 years through organised sport. This program also allows service providers to be available and approachable in a safe setting to answer questions and provide information on relevant services and programs to participants

For further information, contact Rob Workman from Crestmead PCYC on 3805 4100 or

Building Stronger Connections

This project encourages people to become active and engaged community members and to make strong and lasting social connections. Building Stronger Connections responds to participants needs and encourages active involvement in planning of future activities.

Three target groups have been identified for this project; Seniors, Youth and Families. Activities included within the project will vary greatly across the three target groups to cater to the varying objectives. All activities will be provided free to ensure that they are affordable and accessible.

For further information, contact Vanessa Diskett from the Eagleby Community Centre on or

Getting to Know Each Other: Connecting with my Local Community

Getting to Know Each Other: Connecting with my Local Community is a program for women from a refugee background. The program will allow participants to come together to: reduce isolation; increase their understanding of the impact of settlement and past traumatic experiences; and connect with services available in the Logan community. This program aims to help the participants feel more a part of their new local community and therefore be more active in it.

In addition to personalised support and interactions with other service providers, activities may include sewing, relaxation, yoga, craft and more.

This program will run over an eight week period, for two hours per week.

For further information, contact Fernanda Torresi from Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT) on 3391 6677 or

Aqua Safe Project

The Aqua Safe Project provides community education to address the issue of water safety and drowning prevention amongst Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities. This project will value add by partnering with Royal Life Saving Society Queensland (RLSSQ).

RLSSQ will provide training to bilingual support workers (BSW), using the train-the trainer model, in water safety when around swimming pools, beaches and inland waterways, particularly rivers, creeks and streams. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training will also be provided. The BSWs, when competent will then provide this training to their own specific communities.

For further information, contact Hong Do from Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland on 0426 290 036 or

Youth Mentoring Program

This Youth Mentoring program is a peer to peer mentoring program aimed at young people aged 15-20 years from predominantly Burundian backgrounds who are at risk of social withdrawal and disengagement from school.

The program will consist of social activities, workshops facilitated by professionals, seminars aimed at enhancing resilience and minimising the risk of social isolation and will invite community elders and leaders to share their life experience and insights with the participants.

The program will partner with existing community based cultural and sporting groups such as the Burundian Drumming Group, the Women Traditional Dance Group and the Burundian Soccer Team to facilitate better social cohesion and peer support in their local communities.

For further information, contact Innocent Nsengiyumva from the Association of the Burundian Community of Queensland on 0401 025 090 or

Domestic Violence Support Group

The Domestic Violence (DV) support group aims to support those community members who have or are experiencing DV. The support group will provide those community members who have/are experiencing DV a safe space whereby they are able to identify and connect with others and break down the stigma and social isolation associated with DV. This support group will include the support of family issues that arise due to DV.

For further information, contact Michelle Whiting from Footsteps to Freedom on 0421 312 810 or

Enabling the Information Age

This project aims to provide training to upskill volunteers to be equipped in basic digital literacy. There is an identified need where a number of the volunteers are intimidated about the digital forms they are often required to use in their volunteering capacity, such as client reporting and inputting service data. This project will also provide training on using mobile equipment such as IPads and digital literacy.

For further information, contact Thomas Bligh from St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland on 3010 1025 or

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Dance Troupe

This program will provide the City of Logan’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people with an opportunity to learn traditional and contemporary dance, encourage whole of family experience, enhance cultural identity, and provide young people an opportunity to highlight their cultures through dance performances. The project seeks to build self- confidence and thereby strengthens the individual’s capacity to make choices for their own development and future.

This program aims to not only promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the City of Logan, but also enhance greater cross-cultural understanding through providing a affordable and accessible performances to other nations.

For further information, contact Bill Schonefeld from Logan First Nation People's Community Coalition on 34128222 or

Powerful Owl Project

The Powerful Owl project is a citizen science monitoring project that aims to engage local residents in Logan. The project aims to train volunteers in educating the public about owls, increasing knowledge on becoming active stewards to protect the owls and educates individuals in the community about owls and their conservation. The project will occur at various locations in the Logan area and will include surveys around Berrinba wetlands and Browns Plains due to the residence of the owl population.

Through data analysis it is expected that any concerns regarding either Powerful Owl populations or pairs will be flagged and management recommendations will come from the results collected.

For further information, contact Robert Clemens from BirdLife Australia (Southern Queensland branch) on 0425 805 087 or

Sustainable Neighbourhoods Project

The Sustainable Neighbourhoods Project will offer Logan residents an opportunity to come together and receive information on becoming self-sustainable by growing and sharing produce from their own backyards with family, friends and neighbours.

Residents of Logan will be invited to both participate in a workshop and join an online local interest group where they will be able to post and discuss their success stories and seek information on what is working for others in the city.

The program will provide the opportunity for the community to become more green,grow their own produce, improve overall health, decrease waste, lower the city's carbon foot print and potentially save residents money on the purchasing of sustainable sources of food through self-production.

For further information, contact Julie Fursey from Logan East Community  Neighbourhood Association (LECNA) on 3808 4529 or

The RAD Rider Movement

The Ride Against Drugs (RAD) Rider Movement within the City of Logan utilises the cities skateparks for free community RAD Jams, Coaching Days & Empowerment Sessions developing life leadership skills.

The RAD Rider Movement project will offer these jams and coaching days for young people wanting to experience mentoring and camaraderie in BMX, Scooter and Skateboarding in the Logan area.

For further information, contact Max Cooper from RAD Riders on 0447 500 305 or