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Support for Young People

Mental Health Support

Beyond Blue

Youth beyondblue provides information and support for young people in Australia on topics such as stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, suicide prevention, early parenthood and much more. For 24hour telephone support, call 1300 22 4636. For online chat support, resources or more information visit .

ARAFMI Mental Health Carers

Arafmi Support Groups are for people who care for, or about, someone with a mental health issue. Arafmi Logan Support Group meets on the second wednesday of each month at Logan Central Library. Arafmi also offers a 24 hour telephone support service on 1800 35 1881.

For more information, visit

Child and Youth Mental Health Services (Metro South)

Metro South provides a comprehensive response to the varying needs of infants, children and young people with mental health problems or mental disorders and their families/carers in the community.

Contact Metro South Logan Central Community Mental Health Centreor call 1300 64 22 55 for more information.

headspace Meadowbrook

If you are having a tough time headspace  Meadowbrook can help. headspace Meadowbrook's primary focus is the wellbeing of young people in the region and they understand that getting help early is important in resolving problems effectively.

For more information, or to cotact headspace Meadowbrook, visit their website, call 3804 4200 or drop into 260 Loganlea Road, Meadowbrook.

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline offers support and information on the things that matter to you. You can reach out and talk with them for FREE about good things and tough stuff, exciting times or about something that’s bringing you down. There’s heaps of great tips & info for you and remember, you're always welcome to talk with them. 24/7. 365 Days. Online or on 1800 55 1800.

LGBTI Support

Find resources, services and support for young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex or those exploring their sexuality or gender identity.

True colours

True Colours is a support network which aims to increase young people’s sense of community and belonging by allowing a safe space to explore identity, sexuality, preferences, feelings, beliefs, relationships and connections with others and society. 

For further information please Contact Senior Constable Luke Turner via email on or alternatively contact can be made via email to the True Colours Coordinator on

Diverse voices

Diverse Voices is a peer to peer telephone and internet counselling service which operates from 3pm to midnight seven days a week.

To connect with Diverse Voices call 1800 184 527 or visit


QLife is a counselling and referral service for people who identify as LGBTI. QLife offers intervention, peer supported telephone and online chat services to people of all ages across the full breadth of people’s bodies, genders, relationships, sexualities and lived experiences.

To connect with QLife call 1800 184 527 or visit

National LGBTI Health Alliance

The National LGBTI Health Alliance is the national peak health organisation in Australia for organisations and individuals. The Alliance provides health-related programs, services and research focused on LGBTI and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities.

For more information, visit


Wingmen supports gay men to feel confident about helping each other in tough times. This online toolkit contains expert advice, resources and an online network of support for gay men who are worried their partner or friend may have anxiety, depression or be suicidal.

Want to become a wingman? visit out

Disability Support

For information and support please visit our People Living with Disability page. This page offers information on programs and services, disability parking in Logan, NDIS, getting out and about, and much more.

Homelessness or at risk of homelessness support

To download a copy of the Logan Street Service Guide, please visit our Community Resources page. This guide offers information to help you find practical information and useful services in the Logan area if you have nowhere to live or you are at risk of losing your home.

Drug and Alcohol Support

Street University

The Street University provides various community based services and interactive spaces for people aged 12 – 25, including free drug and alcohol counselling.  

For more information, call 1800 753 300

Lives Lived Well

Lives Lived Well offers programs delivering services to individuals and significant others who experience difficulties arising from drug and alcohol use and/or mental health issues, including counselling, family information and referral, court diversion program, rehabilitation and education.

Find out more information at Lives Lived Well

Other Youth Services


YFS YouthLink program works specifically with young people aged 12 to 18 who are finding life a bit out of control. YouthLink provides practical help tailored to each young person's needs and goals.

Find more information at YFS YouthLink

Lutheran Services

The Lutheran Services team understands that life is never black and white, and that everyone’s situation is different. While things can seem complicated, there is always a way forward. Lutheran Services offers support for homeless or at risk of homelessness, in an unstable family situation, living with mental illness or a disability and more.

Find more information at Lutheran Services

Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission offer support and information in a range of areas including mental health, housing, young parents support and offer after school and holiday activities.

Find more information at Wesley Mission


Yourtown offers services, support and information on issues affecting the lives of young people, including; counselling, crisis care, education and training, employment, parenting help and more.

Find more information at yourtown

FSG Australia

FSG works with young people and young people living with a disability. FSG offers housing support, peer and group support, social activities, work and learning opportunities and more.

Find out more information at FSG Australia


1800 RESPECT is the national sexual assault and domestic violence counselling service. They offer online support and information, 24hr online chat, and a 24hr phone counselling service.  

Find out more information at 1800 RESPECT

MultiLink Community Services

MultiLink focusses on migrant, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and offers services for newly arrived youth including housing, employment, education, health and more.

Find out more information at MultiLink


QPASST is the Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma. QPASTT offers support and information including counselling, outreach, children and youth programs, school holidays programs and more.

Find out more information at QPASTT

Logan Community Directory

To find other youth services and programs  in Logan, visit the Logan Community Directory. There  is a 'youth services' category accessible on the front page under 'popular categories'.