From time to time, certain areas of Logan are subject to flooding. This is often the result of excessive storm water run-off flowing in the Logan and Albert Rivers and in Scrubby Creek and Slacks Creek.


  • Prepare an emergency kit and fill your car with fuel
  • Stack furniture and possessions above the likely flood level (electrical items on top) and move garbage, chemicals and poisons to a high place
  • Secure objects that could float and cause damage
  • Visit the Flood-Ready Logan page to view flooding maps.


Phone Council's flood information line on 07 3412 5222 to find out information on the levels of the Logan and Albert rivers and Scrubby Creek.

A recorded message is regularly updated once an official flood warning is in force.


  • Do not eat food that has been in contact with flood water, and boil all tap water until supplies have been declared safe
  • Don't use gas or electrical appliances that have been flood-affected
  • Beware of snakes and spiders (which may have moved to drier areas in your house)
  • Avoid wading in shallow water, as it may be contaminated. If you have to enter the water, wear solid shoes and check the depth with a stick
  • Check with police or RACQ for safe routes before driving anywhere
  • Listen to your local radio and TV station and take notice of all official warnings.

Other information

The State and Federal Governments also have publications available including:

Further information on preparing for a major flood event, and other emergency situations, can be found on the Emergency Management Queensland website.

For comprehensive weather information and warnings for your area please visit the Bureau of Meteorology website.