Flood-Ready Logan

Being ready to respond in the event of a major flood is everyone's responsibility. 

A new improved flood model was prepared by Logan City Council in 2011 to ensure our response to these events is well informed, planned and appropriate - and that we are all flood ready.

The new flood model has been developed based on a 100 year ARI (Average Recurrence Interval) event - also known as a 1% AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability) event. This event has a one percent (one in 100 ) chance of being equalled or exceeded in any given year.

It uses the following updated and improved information:

  • Updated rainfall and storm event information
  • New mapping of land contours, hills and waterway locations
  • Studies of local catchments previously not included in modelling data
  • Assessment of various rainfall events and the potential volume of water involved
  • New modelling technology providing a greater quality and increased reliability of modelling output.

Act now

  • Check the flood risk to your property by clicking on the link to the new flood mapping below
  • Prepare a flood plan that includes decisions about whether or not you should evacuate during a major rainfall event, when to evacuate, what to take and whom to notify. You should consider not just flooding to your property but also possible cuts to key access roads and other facilities.
  • Act according to your flood plan during a major rainfall event, following the advice of Council and emergency service providers.
  • If all or part of your property is highlighted blue, it has been identified as being impacted by the new flood mapping. To gain a clearer understanding of the extent of the impact, Council advises you to review all available documentation on Council's Flood Ready Logan website, or contact Council on 3412 5282.

New flood model mapping

Flood Ready Logan Map

Other information

The following Flood-Ready Logan information is available to further explain the new flood model, flood modelling and flood risk: