Flood Maps

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Disclaimer, limitations and conditions of use

Logan City Council provides this service on the following conditions: 

  1. Through this service, you can access Council's flood maps which provide indicative flood extents relating to a one percent Annual Exceedance Probability (1% AEP) flood event. Whilst you may not be able to get information of flooding for an individual property, the maps provide potential flood extents for the general area.
  2. Logan City Council is required by State legislation to provide flood maps of a 1% AEP flood event to ensure residents are flood ready and to protect future developments from flood risk. The 1% AEP event is also commonly described as a ‘100 year Average Recurrence Interval’ (100 year ARI) or ‘Q100’.
  3. Whilst Council makes reasonable efforts to provide up to date flood extent information, Council takes no responsibility for any error or inaccuracy in the data entry which may result in your use of the information.
  4. When historical information of an event closer or equivalent to a 1% AEP flood is not available, the 1% AEP flood event is simulated using computer models. These flood models are developed using computer programs and software that endorse principles and methods of standard hydrology and hydraulic engineering industry practices. The models use spatially predicted Australian rainfall patterns and Airborne Laser Survey topography information to determine the flood extent.
  5. In Logan City Council, historical records of an event closer or equivalent to a 1% AEP are generally unavailable. Nonetheless, the available historical records of flood events (of other AEPs) are effectively used to validate flood models to predict a 1% AEP flood event.
  6. Whilst the maps represent the potential flood extent relating to a 1% AEP flood event they do not accurately indicate any inundation or flooding of properties in the past.
  7. For confirmation of properties located within the flood maps and to obtain flood levels, a Flood Search report (Application for Residential Property Information PS1 or Application for Non-Residential Information PS2) should be obtained from Council.
  8. The flood maps show those areas that may be affected by flooding from creek or river sources in the 1% AEP extreme rainfall event. A property may be affected by other sources of potential flooding such as overland flow from adjoining or nearby land or streets or the bursting of pipes. In some cases, a property within an area of natural or artificial water storage (eg lake, similar basin or structure in which water is stored) may be affected by potential overflows from the storage. The flood information obtained through this website will not provide any information relating to these, or similar, potential sources of flooding.
  9. Flood information obtained through this website is determined from the information currently available to Council. Council has collected some of this information from external agencies and bodies. The maps are likely to be updated when changes occur or better information becomes available. Changes to the topographic factors, capacity of stormwater drainage infrastructure, development on the property or other land including the construction, removal or alteration of fences, buildings and other structures and changes in the condition of local creeks and waterways, as well as other external factors, may have an impact on flooding.
  10. If the flood information obtained through this website shows that a particular property is affected by a 1% AEP flood event, the extent of flooding is indicative and approximate only.
  11. The flood information obtained through this website is therefore provided for general information purposes only. It should not be relied on for development purposes, to value property or to make any decisions which may have financial or legal implications. Council recommends that appropriate professionals, such as registered surveyors and engineers, be consulted for specific advice before making any such decisions.
  12. The copyright in the information available through this website is owned by or licensed to Council. Council reserves all intellectual property rights in the information and does not confer any intellectual property rights on you or any other person by making the information available.
  13. Information obtained through this website may include or be accompanied by specific disclaimers or limitations. Those disclaimers and limitations apply in addition to those here.
  14. Council makes no warranty or representation about the accuracy or completeness of the flood information obtained through this website, and disclaims any invitation for anyone to use or rely on any of that information for development purposes, to value property or to make any decision which may have financial or legal implications. Any use of or reliance on flood information obtained through this website is therefore entirely at the risk of the person doing so.
  15. Council will not be liable or responsible on any basis (including negligence) for any expense, loss, damage, cost or liability (including indirect or consequential loss) arising as a result of: 
  • a) any flood information obtained through this website being inaccurate or incomplete; or
  • b) anyone using or relying on any of that information for development purposes, to value property or to make any decision which may have financial or legal implications.

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The following PDF maps are intended to be viewed at 100%. Zooming in beyond 100% will distort the flood inundation levels and make them appear segmented.