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Looking After Pets

Your animals are your responsibility. It is up to you to prepare for the safety and welfare of your pets in case of an emergency.

Be prepared

  • Include your animals in household emergency evacuation plans.
  • Ensure you have carry cages for small animals and leads or crates for larger domestic pets.
  • Properly identify your pets, e.g.Council registration tags, name tags with correct telephone numbers and microchip.
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers handy.

Act early

  • Know where you are going to take your animals well in advance of an emergency.
  • If moving animals to a safer place do so early to avoid unnecessary risk.
  • Be aware that some evacuation centres may not take animals so plan alternatives accordingly.
  • If staying at home secure animals indoors in good time so that they do not take flight.
  • Provide adequate food and water in large, heavy bowls.
  • Place pets in separate rooms with small or preferably no windows e.g. laundry or bathroom.
  • If left outside do not tie the animals up.
  • Do not leave pets in vehicles.
  • If you lose your pet during an emergency, contact Council’s Animal Management Centre on 3412 5397 or visit 213 Queens Rd, Kingston.

While your animal is part of the family, by acting early and seeking help from friends outside of the emergency area, the likelihood of you being reunited with your pet will be much greater.

For more information, download the Pets in Disasters (PDF 1184 KB) fact sheet.