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Like many areas of south east Queensland, Logan is subject to severe storms, particularly those involving lightning. Cyclones are more infrequent, but are nevertheless a real threat during the tropical storm season (November to March).

Preparing - in advance

  • Prepare an emergency kit
  • Trim trees and branches well clear of your home (keep trees under or near powerlines to a height less than 4 metres)
  • Check/secure roofing
  • Clean gutters and downpipes
  • Clear yard of loose materials that may become wind-blown hazards
  • If possible, fit window shutters or, at least, metal screens.

Energex prefers that trees not be planted under powerlines. It publishes a planting guide with suggested "powerline-friendly" trees. For more information refer to Energex.

Preparing - when storm or cyclone is approaching

  • Listen to your local radio/TV station for official advice and warnings
  • Shelter and secure pets and animals
  • Store loose items inside (is possible, put outdoor furniture in your pool)
  • Shelter vehicles under cover or cover with tied tarpaulins/blankets
  • Secure doors and windows and draw curtains
  • Put valuables, medications, spare warm clothing etc. in plastic bags with your emergency kit
  • Disconnect electrical items and outside TV aerials and turn off gas
  • Fill bins and boats with water
  • In the case of a cyclone, fuel your car and park it undercover
  • Keep timber strips, hammer and nails handy.