Food Safety

Council is a member of the Food Safety Information Council, Australia's leading provider of consumer targeted food safety information. The Food Safety Information Council aims to reduce the number of Australians getting sick from food poisoning by providing simple, easy to follow information on the handling, storage and preparation of food.

Anaphylaxis Australia Inc (AAI) is the national advocacy and support organisation for all whose lives require information and support managing severe food allergies. Anaphylaxis Australia's role is pivotal to a wide cross section of stakeholders from individuals and their families through to the childcare industry, schools, government agencies, food manufacturers and the food service industry. Council has recently co branded 2 Anaphylaxis Australia Inc publications.

Food Safety Myths Competition

113 residents entered the online 'food safety myths' quiz to promote Australian Food Safety Week held from 12 to 18 November. Three winners of the $100.00 gift cards have been chosen at random and notified.

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