Council has a number of services and programs available for seniors in Logan. For the future of Logan's seniors, the Seniors Action Plan (PDF 1078 KB) aims to improve and support the quality of life for Logan seniors until 2013.

The following Council services and programs are available for seniors in Logan.

  • Seniors for seniors program
    This program is to help rehouse Logan's older lost and abandoned animals with Logan's senior residents free of charge.
  • Pensioner remissions and concessions for rates
    Check whether you're eligible for a remission on your rates, and apply for a rate remission.
  • Personal safety sessions
    Free personal safety sessions for seniors in Logan. Contact Council's City Safe Officer on 07 3412 5171.
  • Active Logan
    Low-cost physical activities for seniors.
  • Logan Libraries
    Council's libraries offer a wide range of programs and activities for seniors.
  • Council cabs
    Subsidised cab service for seniors.

Council cabs

The Council cab service enables you (and your carer) to travel from home to your nearest major shopping centre, for only $2 per person each way. The initiative is subsidised by Logan City Council, with Yellow Cabs providing the service.

The service is available in all Logan suburbs, and operates Tuesdays to Thursdays, depending on your location. Some suburbs will have a choice of centres on different days if more than one is close by.

To book a Logan Council Cab call Yellow Cabs on 13 62 94 before midday on the day before you want to use the service (or as far in advance as you like) and ask for a Logan Council Cab. A Logan Council Cab will then pick you up from your home and take you to the nearest shopping centre. You will have two and half hours to shop, visit the library, have a haircut, enjoy morning tea and run errands, before another cab returns to pick you up and take you home.

You will be picked up from your home at about 9.30 am on your service day, and taken home from the shopping centre at 1 pm. There is no bag limit for this service but to assist in keeping your shopping together, consider using larger bags to hold your shopping bags on the trip home.

To be eligible, you must be an aged pensioner.

Suburbs serviced

Suburbs serviced
Suburb Shopping centres Day
Beenleigh Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall Thursday
Berrinba Logan Central Plaza or Logan City Centre Tuesday
Bethania (urban areas) Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall Thursday
Boronia Heights Grand Plaza Wednesday
Browns Plains Grand Plaza Wednesday
Carbrook Hyperdome Tuesday
Cornubia Hyperdome Tuesday
Crestmead Grand Plaza Wednesday
Daisy Hill Hyperdome Tuesday,
Springwood Arndale, Centro Wednesday
Eagleby (urban areas) Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall Thursday
Edens Landing Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall Thursday
Forestdale Grand Plaza Wednesday
Greenbank Grand Plaza Wednesday
Heritage Park Grand Plaza Wednesday
Hillcrest Grand Plaza Wednesday
Holmview (urban areas) Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall Thursday
Jimboomba Jimboomba Shopping Centre Wednesday
Kingston Logan Central Plaza or Logan City Centre Tuesday
Logan Central Logan Central Plaza or Logan City Centre Tuesday
Loganholme Hyperdome Tuesday
Loganlea Hyperdome Tuesday
Logan Reserve Grand Plaza Wednesday
Marsden Grand Plaza Wednesday
Meadowbrook Hyperdome Tuesday
Mount Warren Park Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall Thursday
Park Ridge Grand Plaza Wednesday
Priestdale Springwood Arndale, Centro Wednesday
Regents Park Grand Plaza Wednesday
Rochedale South Springwood Arndale, Centro, Underwood Marketplace Wednesday
Shailer Park Hyperdome Tuesday
Slacks Creek Logan Central Plaza, Logan City Centre Tuesday
Springwood Arndale, Centro Wednesday
Springwood Springwood Arndale, Centro Wednesday
Tanah Merah Hyperdome Wednesday
Underwood Springwood Arndale, Centro, Underwood Marketplace Wednesday
Waterford Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall Thursday
Waterford West Grand Plaza Wednesday
Windaroo Beenleigh Marketplace or Mall   Thursday
Woodridge Logan Central Plaza, Logan City Centre Tuesday
  Underwood Marketplace Wednesday

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the service?
All aged pensioners are eligible for the Council Cab service.

How do I change the day I get paid my pension so it is the same as my Council Cabs shopping centre trip?
Centrelink can help arrange for your pension to be paid on whichever day you prefer. For more information, call Centrelink's Retirement Services Line on 13 23 00.

What day does the Logan Council Cab serve my suburb?
This is listed in the timetable on the home page along with shopping centre.

Do I have to go to the shopping centre listed in the timetable?
Yes. Most suburbs are allocated one day to one shopping centre. But those going to Springwood can go to either Arndale or Centro and those in Logan Central can go to Logan Central Plaza or Logan City Centre. People in Daisy Hill, Meadowbrook and Slacks Creek have a choice of centres and can travel on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

How do I book a Logan Council Cab?
All you have to do is call Yellow Cabs on its special Yellow Cabs Council Cabs number - 13 62 94. Make sure you ask for a Logan Council Cab and provide your details! You might be asked for your pension card number the first time you call.

When do I need to book my Council Cab?
You must book your Council Cab service by midday the day before you travel. For example, if you live in Marsden your Council Cab day is Wednesday. You therefore have to book your Council Cab by midday on Tuesday to travel the next day.

How far in advance can I book my Logan Council Cab?
You can book your Logan Council Cab as far ahead as you wish.

Can I have an on-going booking?
Yes. When booking your Logan Council Cab simply let the operator know that you would like to make it a regular weekly or fortnightly booking. There is then no need to ring each week to re-book. But be careful to let Yellow Cabs know if you want to cancel one week.

What time will the Council Cab pick me up?
The Logan Council Cab will pick you up at approximatly 9:30 am - give or take 15 minutes. If your Council Cab is going to be more than 15 minutes late then Yellow Cabs will phone to let you know. The cab will then pick up other people on the way to the shopping centre so it won't be able to wait for you.

Where will the Council Cab pick me up from for the return journey?
Your Council Cab will pick you up from the same location at the shopping centre which it dropped you off. Just return to this location before 1 pm for the return journey. If by any chance you miss the pick up for reasons beyond your control call 13 62 94 to see if Yellow Cabs can provide assistance.

What number should I call if I want to cancel my booking?
Please call 13 62 94 to cancel or make any changes to your Council Cab booking.

What is Logan City Council's role in all this?
Council has a service contract with Yellow Cabs, which establishes performance standards that Yellow Cabs must adhere to. Logan City Council is subsidising the service. Council will pay the difference between the normal cab fare and the sum of the $2 fares collected. So if a regular cab has three passengers the subsidy is less than if it only took one passenger. If Yellows used a Maxi Cab and took say 6 passengers, they could owe Council!

What if I am unhappy about the Logan Council Cab for some reason - who can I complain to?
Depends. If it's a complaint that you think Yellow Cabs could easily address, call them on 13 62 94. If its more serious and you think Council should become involved call us on 07 3412 3412 and we'll look into it.