Environmental Programs

Logan City Council through its corporate plan and regional plans seeks to protect, manage and enhance the biodiversity in areas of natural value in the region. To achieve these goals Council has a variety of programs to protect our natural environment, some of which residents can be involved with.


Community program based on volunteer work to protect and conserve local bushland.

Community Gardens

Council has created a Community Gardens Policy to assist and guide the community when establishing community gardens.

Conservation Incentives Program

A Council run program which refers to the range of conservation partnerships offered by Council including Land for Wildlife, Voluntary Conservation Agreements and Voluntary Conservation Covenant.


Do you have a great idea for an environmental project that will help the local environment and the local community?

Environmental Events and Activities Program

Council provides a range of environmental events, activities and workshops to educate and encourage an appreciation for Logan's natural environment.

Free Trees

Council's free tree scheme.

Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF)

Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF) is an environmental event promoting eco-living tips in a free, fun and family environment.

Logan Eco Awards

Nominations are now open for the Logan Eco Awards. The Awards are open to all residents, businesses and institutions in Logan.

Nature Refuge Management Plans

Management plans with actions to assist in protecting Logan's nature refuges.

Revegetating Logan

Upcoming revegetation events in Logan.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is an international celebration commemorated every year on June 5.