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Community Gardens

Council has created a Community Gardens Policy to assist and guide the community when establishing community gardens.

There are a number of things to consider before establishing a community garden in Logan.

Are you interested in starting a community garden?

If you are interested in community gardening, then please download a copy of Council's A Guide to Community Gardening in Logan. The Community Gardening Guide aims to guide and assist you and your community group to establish and manage a successful and sustainable community garden.

Where can community gardens occur?

Community Gardens can occur on either your own, privately owned or Council owned/controlled land.

If you are unsure who owns the land at your proposed community garden site, please contact Council.

What next, if it is on Council Owned or Controlled Land?

If the community garden is to be established on Council owned or controlled land, a Community Garden Policy exists that requires the completion of a Community Garden Application on Council Owned or Controlled Land Form.

Council has a Community Garden Assessment Procedure which outlines the steps involved in establishing a community garden on Council owned or controlled land.

What is Council's role?

In Logan City, community gardens are the responsibility of the community to fund and manage.

Logan City Council in its role and responsibilities regarding community gardens will:

  • Facilitate community gardens through provision of advice for interested groups;
  • Assist in identifying and supporting community garden groups in their application for grants, funding and other resources;
  • Connect local garden groups together to encourage relationship building, encourage knowledge and skill sharing, and strengthen community cohesion;
  • Promote community gardens through Council's website, newsletters and events; and
  • Provide a streamlined and consistent approach to the assessment of community garden requests on Council owned and leased, Crown land in trust, parks and open spaces.

Who to contact in Council?

If you have a question about community gardening in Logan please contact Council's Community Development Officer on 3412 3412.

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