Logan Eco Awards

The Logan Eco Awards aim to recognise, reward, and encourage those in the community that are taking the lead in making Logan a more environmentally sustainable City. There are six categories:

  • Sustainable Household Award
  • Conservation Partner Award
  • Community Eco Action Award
  • Sustainable School Award
  • Sustainable Business Award
  • Sustainable Food Business Award

Applications now open

Simply fill out the editable application form, save it, and email it to environment@logan.qld.gov.au.

Entries close at 5pm on Friday the 27th of March 2015.

Winners will be announced at LEAF (the Logan Eco Action Festival) on the 31st of May 2015.

Previous award winners

Previous Logan Eco Award winners and some of the Eco Actions they have taken are provided below. 

2014 Logan Eco Awards

2014 Logan Eco Award Winners
Category Winner Eco Actions
Sustainable Household Award The McVicker Household

Since winning this category in 2013 the McVickers have undertaken further additional actions including:

  • Installed three "Redwater" water saving diverters
  • Increased water, waste water, and energy monitoring including live data automatically updating to the internet
  • Reduced 'peak demand' electricity by having an electrician hardwire appliances to an off-peak tariff
  • Hosted an information session covering the sustainability attributes of the house at the Hyperdome Library
Conservation Partner Award Berrinba Sanctuary
  • Removed weeds and revegetated with native species
  • Conducted monthly koala surveys
  • Assisted with Council's community tree planting events
  • Hosted open days on the site as well as a stall at LEAF
Community Eco Action Award Haley Thorn
  • Administered a Facebook page called "Upcycle with Style" promoting crafty and ingenious re-use of household items
  • Hosted an Earth Day event
  • Organised a Clean Up Australia Day event
Sustainable School Award Chatswood Hills State School
  • With the help of an EnviroGrant constructed the "Helen Streadfeild Koala Walkway" within the school grounds
  • Planted Koala friendly trees
  • Hosted visits by rangers from the Daisy Hill Koala Centre
  • Ran programs that educate students on environmental issues
Sustainable Business Award Spyder Displays
  • Installed a 54 kilowatt solar PV system
  • Recycled all waste including aluminium
  • Reconditioned used displays and gave them away to charity groups
  • Used water based inks
Sustainable Food Business Award Healthy Cooking Company
  • Sourced fresh and organic seasonal produce
  • Grew their own herbs on site
  • Installed highly efficient cooking equipment
  • Operated a staff "Green Team" to identify and implement sustainability and eco-efficiency opportunities
  • Participated in Council's Becoming an Eco-Efficient Food Business in Logan Program

2013 Logan Eco Awards

2013 Eco Award Winners
Category Winner Eco Actions
Sustainable Household Award The McVicker Household
  • Used a solar passive house design that minimises heating and cooling requirements
  • Extensively used louvers to maximise natural air flow through the house during summer
  • Exclusively used LED lighting technology 
  • Installed water tanks allowing 100% water self sufficiency
  • Used both solar hot water and solar PV systems
Conservation Partner Award John Reed
  • Been a member of Land for Wildlife since 2005
  • Removed 30 Cadaghi trees (a pest species)
  • Begun installing fencing to reduce the area that stock can access on his property
Community Eco Action Award (Winner 1) Patricia Ferguson
  • Undertook bird surveys with the results incorporated into Council's biodiversity database
  • Hosted a stall at LEAF
  • Took part in National Tree Day
  • Led the Moffatt Park Bushcare Group since 2006
Community Eco Action Award (Winner 2) Lyn Buffett
  • Established the Logan Food Gardeners (LFG) in August 2011
  • Created the interactive LFG website which uses social media tools to connect local community gardens
  • Given presentations on gardening in the Logan Libraries
  • Hosted stalls at events including LEAF
Sustainable School Award Boronia Heights State School
  • Reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill by around 50%
  • Helped to construct garden beds and subsequently planted, weeded, and harvested food
  • Planted over 150 species to create a bush tucker garden
  • Students performed 'eco-raps' at LEAF
  • Students attended a three day camp focussing on environmental leadership
Sustainable Business Award Bristol Paints
  • Installed a 25 kW solar PV system
  • Sourced additional grid supplied electricity from renewable sources
  • Utilised natural breezes and ceiling fans to minimise air conditioning requirements
  • Implemented a store wide recycling program
  • Collected waste water which is treated and disposed of by a regulated contractor
Sustainable Food Business Award Snap Fresh
  • Reduced mains water consumption by 39% through capture, reuse, and redirection of water
  • Reduced electricity consumption by 13% through energy efficient lighting, variable speed drives, and the rationalisation of equipment
  • Reduced gas consumption by 25%
  • Reduced the waste sent to landfill by an incredible 70% through increased recycling and an industry leading composting program

2012 Logan Eco Awards

2012 Eco Award Winners
Category Winner Eco Actions
Sustainable Household Award The Hunter household of Mount Warren Park
  • Installed a 3 kW solar PV system
  • Collected rain water to top up the pool
  • Planted native species in the garden
Conservation Partner Award Lynne and Terry Hamill of Veresdale
Community Eco Action Award Rod Bloss, founding member of BrisBOCA (the Brisbane branch of Bird Observation & Conservation Australia)
  • Played a leading role in the conservation of Eagleby Wetlands
  • Undertook hundreds of presentations to schools, Bushcare Groups, and community members
  • Undertook countless bird surveys which have been incorporated into Council's biodiversity database
Sustainable School Award John Paul College
  • Cut annual water consumption from 88 million litres per year to 18 million litres per year
  • Cut waste production by 30% via a school recycling program
  • Planted native vegetation on site
  • Installed a 9 kW solar PV system and energy monitoring equipment
  • Incorporated all of these steps into the curriculum
Sustainable Business Award Suzi Auto of Springwood
  • Have taken normal petrol cars and converted them to 100% electric cars for customers
  • Recycled much of their waste materials
  • Installed a 5 kW solar PV system which powers their fleet of electric cars and the workshop
  • Installed energy efficient lighting
  • Operate a staff 'Green Team'
Environmentally Relevant Activity Business Award Tennyson Group Printery of Crestmead
  • Use an Environmental Management System
  • Have achieved Level 3 of Sustainable Green Print certification
  • Recycle or sell almost all of their waste materials
  • Participated in the 2012 Logan ClimateSmart Business Cluster
Sustainable Food Business Award Flannery's of Loganholme
  • Source locally produced certified organic fruit and vegetables
  • Have a 'no plastic bags' policy
  • Provide a bulk purchasing option for customers
  • Have local farmers pick up food waste rather than sending it to landfill