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Fire ants and other exotic ant species can have a big impact on native environments. In the case of fire ants, they can also greatly disrupt human activities.

Many parts of Logan are restricted areas for fire ants. Regulations apply to residents and businesses within the restricted area when disturbing or moving high risk materials. Before disturbing or moving high risk materials in the restricted area, contact Biosecurity Queensland for an inspection. This is to minimise the risk of spreading the ants.

For more information refer to the Queensland Government website.

Fire Ant Treatment

An aggressive Fire Ant treatment program   (PDF 139 KB)is continuing across South East Queensland focused on halting the spread of Fire Ants.

Biosecurity Queensland authorised officers will enter properties to disperse granulated bait over lawns, garden beds and open areas. The bait includes an insect growth regulator that is commonly used in mosquito control programs and flea collars but is not harmful to humans or animals.  The ants pick up the bait, feed it to their queen who then becomes sterile and the colony dies out over time.  Officers will be clearly identifiable and will not need to enter your house or buildings. Unders the Biosecurity Act 2014, officers are authorised to enter your property to undertake fire ant treatment and surveillance activities without you being present.

Bait treatment will continue until May 2017. Bait treatment is most effective in the warmer months when Fire Ants are out and foraging for food.  Residents who live in the treatment areas will be contacted by Fire Ant Program staff if access is required to their property.

Notices will soon be distributed if your property requires treatment.  For a list of suburbs included in the treatment area or for more information regarding the bait treatment of fire ants or to report fire ants, please phone 13 25 23 or visit

Logan City Council treatment suburbs:

BerrinbaDaisy HillLogan ReserveSlacks Creek 
Bethania Greenbank Logan VillageStockleigh  
Buccan Heritage ParkLoganholme Waterford  
Cedar GroveHolmview Munruben Waterford West 
Chambers FlatJimboomba New BeithYarrabilba  
Cornubia Kingston North Maclean