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Pests & Weeds

The Biosecurity Act 2014 [the Act] section 48, states that the main purpose for local government under the Act is to ensure that Prohibited Invasive Biosecurity Matter and Restricted Invasive Biosecurity Matter (defined invasive plants and invasive animals) are managed within the local government's area in compliance with the Act.

To monitor that compliance with obligations under the Act it provides the powers of entry for local government authorised officers to enter public places, businesses at any time that are open for general entry and private premises only with the consent of the occupier, by warrant or as part of a Biosecurity Program (Surveillance Program; Prevention and Control Program).

About the program

Under the surveillance program, the following invasive pest plants are restricted matter which are currently medium to high priority within the City of Logan, will be specifically targeted:

  • July to September - Mother of Millions, Parthenium, Singapore Daisy
  • October to November - Honey Locust, Hymenachne, Parthenium, Salvinia, Senegal Tea, Singapore Daisy, Tropical Soda Apple, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Water Mimosa
  • December to March - Alligator Weed, Annual Ragweed, Hygrophilla, Honey Locust, Rats Tail Grasses, Groundsel bush, Hymenachne, Parthenium, Salvinia, Singapore Daisy, Senegal Tea, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce
  • April to June - Alligator Weed, Hygrophilla, Parthenium, Senegal Tea, Singapore Daisy

Invasive biosecurity matter pest animals such as wild dogs, dingoes, European rabbits and European foxes will be monitored and dealt with year-round.

These priorities and the actions required of landowners will be reassessed and updated in the Logan City Biosecurity Plan which is currently under development.