Australia has a large array of plants that are endemic to our country (only found native in Australia). This includes around 80% of the country's flowering plants. Of all the states, Queensland has the greatest variety of native plant groups in Australia. Most of these native plant species are considered non-threatened but more than 1,000 (about 13%) are vulnerable or endangered. The conservation of our native plants provide habitat for wildlife, protects species diversity and provides local catchment improvement which leads to better water quality and public amenity.

Native Plants

Conservation of our native plants is important as they provide habitat for wildlife, contribute to species diversity and aid in local catchment improvement.

Threatened Plants

All native plants are special and protected, however there are a few standout significant plant species within Logan. Discover these plants here, where they occur in our local area and what threatens their survival.

Vegetation Protection

Information about what vegetation is protected in Logan City and understanding what clearing of vegetation is. Also get help with lodging an operational works application for clearning vegetation.