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Solar PV

Solar PV in Logan

Much like the rest of South East Queensland, solar PV has proven incredibly popular in Logan. There are now over 33,000 systems operational representing 120 megawatts of installed solar PV capacity (based on inverter size) across the City.

Households and businesses who install a solar PV system are provided with several benefits including:

  • Free clean energy,
  • Reduced power bills. Despite recent reductions in feed-in tariffs they can still have a reasonably short payback period,
  • Reduced carbon footprint, and
  • They allow the owner to show their neighbours/customers that they are keen to be part of the solution to climate change and are willing to make a significant investment to meet this challenge.

Solar PV at Council

As with the community, Council has embraced solar PV. There are now 16 solar PV systems installed on various Council owned buildings, resulting in a total installed solar capacity of 145 kilowatts (kW). While most are around the 5 kW size, three are significantly larger:

Solar power generation data is available on-line for the Animal Management Centre and for the Recycling Centre solar PV systems.

A number of Logan based companies sell and install both solar PV and solar hot water systems. They are available to provide advice and quotes to residents and businesses alike.

Please note: The list is provided simply for information. It is up to readers to choose a supplier that meets their price and needs. Council does not endorse particular products, suppliers or corporate bona fides. Council will not intervene in contractual disputes between suppliers and their clients.