Waste & Recycling

Council provides many waste related services including household waste collection, commercial waste collection, kerbside collection and recycling services.


Information about Asbestos and Asbestos Disposal.

Browns Plains Landfill Community Consultative Group

The Browns Plains Landfill Community Consultative Group provides a two-way channel of communication between Council and the community in relation to the management and future use of the site.


Fees for disposal of general, construction and demolition waste, green waste and other disposals and Council tips and transfer stations. Vouchers to use Council's waste disposal facilities at no charge are distributed to domestic ratepayers annually. Click below for details:

Free Tipping Waste Vouchers

Vouchers to use Council's Waste Disposal facilities at no charge are distributed to domestic ratepayers annually.

Household Paint & Chemical Drop-Off Days

Council's free disposal service for chemicals, paints and pesticides.

Kerbside Clean Up

A kerbside collection of bulky and green wastes.

Load Restraint

When travelling to one of Council's Waste and Recycling Facilities, we urge you to make sure that your load is restrained properly.


Council encourages you to recycle household items such as glass bottles, and newspapers. Check our comprehensive list of recyclables and how you can benefit from the Logan Recycling Market.

Waste Disposal Facilities

Council has a landfill and four transfer stations that accept waste and recyclable materials. Check the locations and opening hours for each tip.

Waste Education

Waste education program for Logan City schools and community groups.

Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan 2013-2016

Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2013-2016

Wheelie Bins

Find out about wheelie bin collection, what to do if you have lost or damaged your bin, and how to request additional wheelie bins.