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Wheelie Bins

Find out about wheelie bin collection, what to do if you have lost or damaged your bin, and how to request additional wheelie bins.

New bin service

If you're moving into a new house and require bins, please call on (07) 3412 3412 or email, one or two working days before you're due to move in. Bins are usually delivered by our contractor the day after we place an order with them, so ordering far in advance is not required.

Who can order domestic bins?

  • Owners
  • Tenants
  • Real estate agents (written authority from the owner is not required)

The standard bins we provide to households are 240 litre waste and recycling sets. Ratepayers can request a combination of other sizes.

Additional bins are available to order if the standard set is insuffiencient.

Logan City Council does not provide a green (garden) waste bin service at this time. You can place small amounts of green waste, in plastic bags, into your general waste bin. Green waste can not be recycled.

Residents who require assistance because they're unable to put their bins out on the kerb, due to medical reasons, are able to request a support service, where the contractor will take the bins to and from the kerb for emptying.

Ratepayers of commercial properties can request bins for tenants in their premises.

For more detailed information on Council's wheelie bin services, read on.

Recycling calendar

Download a calendar to help you remember which week to put your recycling bin out for collection.

Fridge magnet flip-chart calendars are also available. Please call our customer service centre on (07) 3412 3412 to request one. The calendars are popular, so they might not always be available.

Waste and recycling service requirements

Please place your bins at the kerb for collection the night before your collection day or by 6am on the day of service.

Please call (07) 3412 3412 if you do not know your day of service, or use the rubbish collection schedule map above.

Place your bin no more than one metre from the gutter with the wheels and handle closest to your house. The bins should be at least 30-50 centimetres apart.

Bins should be clear of overhead obstructions, such as wires and trees, to assist with collection.

Please don't overfill your bins. Bin lids should be down flat. If not, the contents may spill onto the road when the bin is lifted.

The collection vehicle can't lift bins weighing over 70 kilograms. Please do not place large or heavy items, such as dirt and rocks, or large amounts of green waste in either bin. Small amounts of green waste can be placed in the waste bin, however to avoid grass clippings spilling onto the road, please bag before placing in the bin.

Only materials produced as part of the day to day running of a household (such as food scraps) are acceptable in the waste bin. Materials that should not be placed in the bin include:

  • Large batteries (car)
  • Car motors and parts
  • Building materials (bricks, rocks etc)
  • Soil or dirt
  • Medical waste (unless generated by an occupant of the house, securely wrapped up and - in the case of sharps - placed in a puncture-proof container before putting in the bin)
  • Hot ashes
  • Liquid waste (like oil)
  • Paint
  • Chemicals and pesticides
  • Large tree branches (smaller branches, twigs, leaves and grass clippings can be placed in the waste bin, however to avoid spillage, please bag these before placing in the bin)

Contact Council on (07) 3412 3412 regarding the correct disposal of these items.

Materials that should go into the recycling bin include:

  • Glass bottle and jars (no lids please)
  • Steel and aluminium cans including empty aerosols
  • Paper and cardboard including newspaper, magazines, flattened boxes and milk and juice cartons
  • Rigid plastic containers and bottles from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry displaying recycling symbols 1-6

Please do not put your recyclables in plastic bags.

Items that must not be placed in the recycling bin include:

  • Plastic bags, packets and film
  • Nappies
  • Non-recyclable glass and mirrors
  • Ceramics and crockery
  • Food scraps
  • Gas bottles, batteries, paint and oil
  • Syringes and medical waste
  • Soil, rocks and grass
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Chemicals and pesticides
  • Light bulbs (glass or plastic)
  • Green (garden) waste

Please refer to our A to Z list of recyclables.

Missed bins

Please phone (07) 3412 3412 or email to report the situation.

As the collection contractor has until 5 pm each day to complete collections, please wait until the day after collection before reporting a missed service. It's possible the truck broke down and is delayed, became full and had to tip off and will return shortly, or a relief driver may be completing their run differently to the usual driver if unfamiliar with the area.

If the bin was missed by the collection vehicle driver, the truck will be sent back to empty it at no charge. If, however, the bin was missed because of an act or omission on your part, the truck can only return after payment of a fee to Waste Services. The cost is $21 per bin. These acts or omissions may include:

  • not having the bin on the footpath by 6am on the day of collection;
  • presenting an overfull bin (the lid must be down flat); or
  • presenting an overweight bin (the truck can only lift 70 kilograms).

Council's contractor's fleet of trucks are fitted with GPS and cameras, which can record any issues drivers identify while servicing bins. This information is stored on an online portal which Council staff have accces to, and may be used to assist in identifying any issues when you report a missed bin.

Damaged or stolen bins

Please phone (07) 3412 3412 or email to have your bin repaired or replaced.

Your damaged bin will have to be placed on the footpath for the contractor but you can still put rubbish or recyclables in it. It will either be repaired or removed (contents and all) 1-3 business days after you contact us. There is no charge for the repair or replacement of the bin.

Council's contractual arrangements do not permit replacement of dirty, smelly or graffitied bins. Only bins with damage significant enough to prevent servicing (like a large crack) will be replaced. There are companies who can professionally clean a wheelie bin for a small fee, or you may be able to clean the bin satisfactorily yourself (by using high pressure washer, or bleach etc). Search the internet for suggestions.

If your bin has gone missing, your replacement bin will be left on the footpath 1-2 business days after you contact us. There is no charge for the replacement bin.

Supported service

Residents who are unable to physically move their bins to and from the kerbside, due to disability or impairment, and have no able-bodied person to assist them, can apply for a supported service.

A support service is a pre-arranged bin collection service from within your property.  The application for this service will only be considered if the following conditions are met:

  • The dwelling is located within sixty metres (60m) of the nearest service point
  • There is no other person who resides at the premises who is able to place the bins on the footpath for collection each week
  • Bins can be located in a location easily accessible to the waste collector
  • All roaming animals must be restrained
  • Written support from a medical professional is provided

If your application is successful, Council's waste collection contractor will enter your property and proceed to an agreed location where the bins are kept.  The bins will then be wheeled out to the truck for emptying, and then returned to your yard.

Please note that, on recycling day, the drivers of the garbage and recycling trucks may work together.  Whichever driver arrives first will wheel both bins to the footpath, and whichever driver arrives second, will wheel both bins back.

Conditions apply. The service is subject to standard garbage rates charges only. No extra charges apply to use this service.

To apply, residents must return a completed Application for Support Bin Service form, ensuring that section 4 is completed by a medical professional.

Additional domestic wheelie bins

Before requesting additional wheelie bins we suggest you read about reducing, reusing and recycling.

If one waste and one recycling bin are insufficient for your needs, it is possible to obtain additional waste and/or recycling bins using either of the forms below.

Please note: these forms should not be used to order bins for auxiliary units or duplexes. If the bins are for these types of dwellings, please contact Council on (07) 3412 3412.

Property owners and ratepayers

Please note that this form must be completed by the property owner (ratepayer) as it will result in extra rate charges.

Residents who rent

Please note that this form may be completed by tenants, and payment must accompany the form when submitted.

Changing the size of your wheelie bin

Commercial and body corporate properties

Commercial properties

The owners of commercial properties may use the form below to apply for waste and/or recycling wheelie bins. Please note that this form must be completed by the property owner (ratepayer) as it will result in extra rate charges.

Bulk bin options are available to some commercial properties (depending on storage space and truck access). Please note that this form must be completed by the property owner (ratepayer) as it will result in extra rate charges.

If you require further information like bin dimensions, send an email to requesting them.

Tenants of commercial properties are unable to apply for bins directly through Council. Tenants can approach the owner or manager of their property. Alternatively, private arrangements can be made with any waste or recycling removal company for direct billing options.

Body corporate

Please note that this form must be completed by body corporate managers as it will result in extra charges.

Casual special event bins