About Water

Drinking water supply changes

Logan City Council is currently conducting a maintenance program on the water supply network in the Marsden and Greenbank zones. This maintenance includes flushing the system to remove accumulative deposits on the pipes and disinfection by operating the chlorine dosing stations at Illaweena and Greenbank Reservoirs. This can result in customers receiving some discoloured water and the water having a chlorine odour.

The maintenance program is necessary to ensure that the water network is kept clean and continues to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. We acknowledge that the current chlorine levels in the water will be noticeable in many areas and there may be some remaining pockets of discoloured water which have not been flushed out. We believe however that residents will understand that proper maintenance of the water supply system is essential for community health. You can be assured that during this program water will continue to meet all health related standards.

Disinfection of the supply network will continue until August. During this time if you receive discoloured water you should call Logan City Council on 3412 3412, they can then organise for your water main to be flushed to remove the discoloured water.

Handy tip: There are also some actions you can take to minimise the odour of chlorine in drinking water. It is often sufficient to leave tap water in an open jug in the fridge overnight to significantly reduce its odour. If you choose to filter the water, the filter must contain activated carbon/charcoal to be effective for reduction of chlorine.

Further information for drinking water supply changes are available via the link below:

Drinking water quality

Logan City Council is committed to managing its drinking water systems to provide safe, high quality water services that ensure the protection of public health and the environment for our community. A copy of our Drinking Water Quality Policy Statement is available via the link below:

Environmental performance

Logan City Council recognises the need for sustainable environmental outcomes and is committed to protecting our natural environment.

Across our water and wastewater services, Logan City Council acknowledges the need to adopt strong environmental management practices and is committed to continual improvement in relation to our environmental performance. A copy of our Water and Wastewater Service Environmental Policy Statement is available via the link below:

Price harmonisation

Since the return of the Water Business in July 2012, Logan City Council has been working towards harmonising all water charges and service fees across the city.

As part of the 2013/14 budget, Council has now achieved harmonisation - meaning all residents throughout the city, regardless of whether they are in rural or urban areas, will have their water and wastewater charges calculated from the same base charge rate.

To learn more about Price Harmonisation please refer to the Price Harmonisation fact sheet (PDF 93 KB).

For further details and media releases on the 2013-2014 Water and Sewerage Pricing.

Water outlook for South East Queensland

The region's bulk water authority, Seqwater, released the inaugural Water Outlook for South East Queensland December 2013 on behalf of the region's water industry. A copy of the Water Outlook report is available via the link below:

History of Water Reform in Logan

A historical account of water reform in Logan City.

Water Reform Updates

Logan City Council resumed direct control of water and wastewater services in Logan and the new arrangements began on 1 July 2012. The new Logan Water business is in the Road and Water Infrastructure Stream.