Residential Customers

Logan City Council is committed to supplying safe, reliable and high quality drinking water to your home while also removing wastewater.

To ensure public health is retained in times of flood, Council has drafted a fact sheet (PDF 40 KB)

For more information about water in and around your home, including your account and how you can save water to help reduce your water account, review the links below.

Building a Home

Whether you are extending or renovating your home or building a new residential complex, it's important to ensure you have the correct building information and application forms.

Community Title Scheme Billing & Sub-metering

Decisions regarding the billing of lots for water consumed within a Community Title Scheme, including the Common Property is defined in Council's "Community Title Scheme Billing and Sub-metering" policy.

Contact Us

Contact details for Council's customer service centres and forms to help you request information or services.

Customer Charter and Service Standards

Council is committed to high levels of customer service standards.

Fees & Charges

Council's register of regulatory fees and schedule of commercial and other charges in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions regarding your water and wastewater account.

Home Dialysis and Medical Treatment Water Concessions

Customers who require home dialysis or who require water to treat a medical condition may experience high water consumption as a result of their health condition.

New Connections

For connections to your new or renovated home.

Payment Options

Arranging direct debit, payment options and rates payment cards.

Understanding Your Account

A guide to understanding your water and wastewater account on your next rates notice.

Water Advice to Tenants

The requirements to issue tenants with consumption advice has been removed.

Water Leaks or Faults

Council is responsible for water leaks from the supply system up to (and including) the water meter. Water leaks that occur from water pipes and fittings on your side of the water meter are the responsibility of the property owner.

Water Meters

Information about your water meter and usage.

Water Saving Tips

There are many easy ways to save water in and around the home, business or school. Looking at ways to reduce water consumption will not only save money, but will help reduce the impact on the environment.