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Major Projects

Information about our major infrastructure and research projects are provided below.

Drinking Water Supply Changes in Kimberley Park

Logan City Council is committed to a high-quality, secure water supply for all Logan residents and water customers. From 24 July to 4 September 2017, Council together with Seqwater will conduct a maintenance program on the water supply network in the Kimberley Park Water Supply Zone.  This maintenance includes flushing the system to remove accumulated deposits on the pipes and disinfection by temporarily adjusting chlorine levels.
The works will impact the following suburbs:

  • Carbrook
  • Cornubia
  • Daisy Hill
  • Loganholme
  • Shailer Park
  • Slacks Creek
  • Tanah Merah

Council has developed a fact sheet (PDF 889 KB) including frequently asked questions.

The maintenance program is necessary to ensure that the water network is kept clean and continues to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. We acknowledge that chlorine levels in the water may be noticeable in many areas and at times discoloured water may be experienced.  We believe however that residents will understand that correct maintenance of the water supply system is essential for community health. You can be assured that during this program water will continue to meet all health regulations.

During Works:

  • Some water mains will be flushed, however there should be no need to temporarily interrupt water supply. If any residents and businesses are affected by planned interruptions, they will be provided with written notification at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Some residents may notice a change in the taste, odour or appearance of their water. Temporary discolouration of the water supply can be managed in most cases by running a tap at your property for a couple of minutes. If discolouration persists please contact Council and we will flush the affected water mains if necessary.
  • There are some actions you can take to minimize the odour of chlorine in drinking water.  It is often sufficient to leave tap water in an open jug in the fridge overnight to significantly reduce its odour.  If you choose to filter the water, the filter must contain activated carbon/charcoal to be effective for the reduction of chlorine.
  • The altered chlorine concentration may impact non-drinking uses of water such as fish keeping. We recommend you obtain specialist advice regarding the effects of chlorinated water in such cases.

During this time if you experience persistent discoloured water you should call Council’s customer service team on 07 3412 3412.

Inflow & infiltration inspection program

The Logan wastewater system experiences large volumes of overflows during severe wet weather events. These types of events have a significant impact on the wastewater network, overwhelming its capacity and resulting in wastewater overflows into the environment.

Stormwater entering the wastewater network as a result of defective, improper and illegal stormwater connections, principally from residential connections, is a major cause of wastewater overflows. By identifying sources and lessening the risk of stormwater entering the wastewater system, Logan City Council is committed to significantly reducing the number of wastewater overflows that occur during wet weather.

With this goal in mind, Council undertakes systematic inspection programs to identify defective, improper and illegal stormwater connections to the wastewater system, in accordance with the provisions of sections 133 and 134 of the Local Government Act 2009. Details of the inspection programs are included below.

For further information please contact Council's Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance on (07) 3412 9600.

Central Beenleigh and Eagleby

An inspection program in Central Beenleigh and Eagleby was completed in December 2016 and Voluntary Compliance letters are being sent to property owners where defects were identified. Council will be liaising with property owners and providing assistance/advice where possible to ensure that these defects are rectified.

Rochedale South

An inspection program in Rochedale South was completed in December 2015 and Voluntary Compliance letters were sent to property owners where defects were identified. Council is currently liaising with property owners and providing assistance/advice where possible to ensure that these defects are rectified.

Loganlea, Cornubia and Daisy Hill

An inspection program in Loganlea, Cornubia and Daisy Hill was completed in May 2015 and Voluntary Compliance letters were sent to property owners where defects were identified. 

Council appreciates property owners' participation in the inspection program, and the support shown for reducing wastewater overflows into our environment.

Related information:

Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance

Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance is a public and private sector enterprise involving Logan City Council, Downer, Cardno and WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Established on 1 July 2015, the alliance supports Council's water business in the areas of asset management, planning, design, project delivery and organisational development.

Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance improves the operation of Logan's water and wastewater networks and meets the demand for infrastructure in growth areas. This infrastructure includes:

  • Water and wastewater pipelines and pump stations
  • Water reservoirs
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water and wastewater network management technologies.

The alliance's activities benefit the local economy, environment and community by:

  • Enhancing the value and minimising the cost of infrastructure for the Council and it's customers
  • Providing infrastructure for Logan's growing population and economy
  • Installing infrastructure and technologies which reduce environmental and social impacts
  • Providing local employment and training opportunities for staff and local businesses.

Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance's performance is detailed in our annual program achievements summaries (see below).

Current works

Before the start of any project works, Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance distributes a Works Notice to local residents and businesses who may be impacted by the works. These notices outline the location, nature and timing of the works as well as potential impacts.

Works notices for current alliance projects are listed below:

Water projects

Wastewater projects

Alliance information sheets

Alliance program achievements

Further information

Further information about Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance can be obtained by emailing the alliance's community team, or phoning 07 3412 9600.

Information about Council's private sector partners is available by clicking on the logos below:

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