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Water Meters

The location and type of water meter differs across the Logan City Council area.

Most water meters are above, at, or below ground level with a plastic or metal lid marked ‘water meter’. Your water meter is usually located towards the front of your property, near either the left or right boundary.

If you are unable to locate your water meter, please contact Council.

Every house has its own individual water meter. In duplexes, group or strata titled properties, there may be only one meter servicing some or all of the dwellings. Your water meter registers all water used at your property and is read by Logan City Council. The water you use is shown as water consumption on your water (and wastewater) account or summary.

How to read your water meter

There are a range of different meters in use, but with each model the black numbers register kilolitres (kL) (these are used for billing) and the red numbers register litres (these are used for calculating daily usage and leak detection).

How to check for leaks

Working out your daily water usage

  • Record the numbers from your water meter.
  • At the same time a day later, record your water meter reading.
  • Subtract the first reading from the second reading.
  • This is your household's daily water use.