Rivers and Wetlands Recovery Program

The Draft Logan Rivers and Wetlands Recovery Plan 2013-2023 sets out the direction for the recovery of Logan's rivers, streams and wetlands with collaboration and community stewardship at its centre.

The Draft Logan Rivers and Wetlands Recovery Plan 2013-2023 articulates a recovered river future where:

  • Our community has increased ownership and capacity to participate in the long term stewardship of local rivers and wetlands.
  • The catchments in Logan are productive and sustainably managed and support diverse enterprise and function.
  • The health and resilience of Logan's rivers, creeks and wetland ecosystems has improved.

Current activities

Strategic planning

Collaboration and partnership

  • Coordinating Healthy Waterways activities throughout the Logan-Albert River catchment
  • Working with State and Local Government agencies
  • Liaising and supporting catchment groups

System understanding

  • Collaborating with Griffith University and CSIRO
  • Developing the Waterway Knowledge Tool

Community education


Get involved 

Check out the wide range of activities that you can participate in around Logan to help improve the health of our waterways and wetlands. Please visit the Get Involved page to find out more.