More than 80 percent of this country's mammals, reptiles and frogs are only found in Australia, along with most of the fish and almost half the birds. Even the growing urban Greater Brisbane Region contains an astonishing number of animal species, comparable to that of the highly diverse Wet Tropics area (Queensland Museum, 2007). Discover more about the different species of wildlife found in Logan, why they are special and how you can help below.

Flying Foxes

With around 1000 species of bats worldwide, Australia has four main species of flying-fox, three of which occur in Logan. Learn how they support biodiversity and the health and well-being of our ecosystems.

Heat Stress

Summer and its warm weather is here. Don’t forget our furry pets and native wildlife also feel the heat! Look out for heat stress warning signs and make sure pets have a place to relax in the shade with good ventilation.


As residents, we can all become more aware of koalas and consider what actions we might take to reduce threats such as dog attacks, car strikes, and restriction of habitat.

Report Your Wildlife Sightings

Report sightings (or evidence) of threatened or locally significant wildlife you may have encountered in Logan.

Sick or Injured Wildlife

Contact details for organisations that can help if you spot sick or injured wildlife.

Wildlife in Logan

Significant fauna in Logan City includes 56 species of native mammals, 273 species of birds, 58 native reptile species and at least 27 native frogs.

Wildlife-friendly Backyards

Creating a wildlife-friendly backyard is much easier than you think. A few simple additions will provide food, water and shelter to a variety of wildlife.