The koala is arguably one of Australia’s best known and most appealing native animals. The scientific name of Phascolarctos cinereus means leather pouch and a bear, ashen grey in colour. Koalas are not however bears, they are large herbivorous marsupials, well adapted to life in trees. 

How to Spot a Koala

Koalas can be found throughout the year, but you may be more likely to see or hear them during the breeding season from early spring to late summer.

Koalas in Logan

In Logan, koalas are most frequently found in the eastern suburbs of the city such as Daisy Hill, Shailer Park, Springwood, and Cornubia.

Links for Further Koala Information

A comprehensive collection of research relating to koalas.

Living With Koalas

Here in Logan we are fortunate enough to have one of our most famous Australians - the koala - living in many parts of the city.

Sick or Injured Koalas

If you find a sick or injured koala, call the Daisy Hill Koala Ambulance on 07 3290 9136 or 0412 429 898 (365 days a year, from 8am to 4.30pm).

What is Council Doing?

Council has a long standing commitment to preserve areas of environmental importance, particularly koala habitat areas. Council has secured large areas of bushland where koalas are common, and vegetation protection and appropriate land zonings have been in place for those areas for many years.