Facilities & Recreation


Find out about the Animal Management Centre and Community Desexing and Microchip Clinic services to help you care for your pet.

Arts, Culture & Heritage

The Logan community offers a wide range of arts, culture, and heritage.


Information about cemeteries in Logan.

Community Centres

Browse a list of community venues available in Logan, some offering free parking and discounted rates to charity and non-profit organisations.

Draft Community Infrastructure Strategy

Council is reviewing community facilities city wide, including community centres, sporting venues, and arts and cultural facilities, and will develop a community infrastructure strategy.


The Logan's Libraries website hosts a multitude of new features to enjoy.


Recreational parks in Logan.

Sport & Leisure

Sporting venues and places that provide leisure activities.

Sport, Recreation and Community Leasing

Council's Sport, Recreation and Community Toolbox aims to provide information to support the community in managing a club/organisation, lease and Council owned facilities.