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Pet Care

Pet ownership is a commitment that should be considered carefully. Before you consider purchasing a cat or a dog you should consider the responsibility of owning a pet and ensure that you can meet the animal's needs. Some of these responsibilities can be quite costly so you need to ensure that you can afford to care for the animal.

Does your pet have a problem behaviour?

Help is available in free seminars available to Logan City residents that provide handy tips to help reduce nuisance barking and other problem behaviours. These seminars are presented by the RSPCA Animal Training and Behaviour Centre. Find out what your pets are saying by learning to read their body language.

Bookings are essential.

Council and Australia Post collaborate to educate pet owners 

Council has recently collaborated with Australia Post (South East Queensland) to develop an Australia Post Nuisance Dog Notice to educate pet owners on the potential danger their pets might pose to a postal delivery employee, especially when they are not home.

Owners are requested to contain their pets within their property boundary and ensure that gates are kept closed.  Where possible dogs should be contained at the rear of the property. 

Residents should be aware that if they receive a Nuisance Dog Notice with their regular mail that it is a courtesy notification from Australia Post to alert them to their pets behaviour.  Residents who receive a Nuisance Dog Notice from Australia Post are asked to contact them directly on 13 13 18.