Pet Care

Pet ownership is a commitment that should be considered carefully. Before you consider purchasing a cat or a dog you should consider the responsibility of owning a pet and ensure that you can meet the animal's needs. Some of these responsibilities can be quite costly so you need to ensure that you can afford to care for the animal.

Animal Seminars

Free information sessions provided to Logan residents to help raise awareness about common pet behaviour problems, prevention methods and treatment.

Barking Dogs

Steps to addressing a barking dog in your neighbourhood and processes that Council will follow once informed of the problem.

Dental Care

How to keep your dog's teeth and gums clean and signs of teeth and gum problems in your pet. Dogs may need occasional teeth cleaning by your vet.


Understand the benefits of desexing your cat or dog, female or male, and when you can arrange this for your pet.

Effective Control of Dogs

Steps to ensure your dog is effectively kept under control at all times.


Some foods and ingredients are potentially dangerous to dogs. Read about the symptoms of poisoning and what you can do to prevent it.


When organising your holidays, remember to consider your pet's needs as well as how they will react to visitors in your home.

Obedience Training

Information on how to get obedience training for your dog. Obedience training can help prevent nuisance behaviours.

Pet Ownership

Helpful tips and information about being a responsible pet owner, that you should especially consider before purchasing a dog or cat.

Summer Pet Care

Tips for caring for your pet during the warmer months of the year.

Ticks & Fleas

Information about ticks and fleas in Australia, the signs of tick paralysis and what to do if your pet has a tick. There are also excellent flea control products that are safe and effective for your pet.


The various options for vaccinating your pet and questions you should ask before you vaccinate your pet. Find out when you should vaccinate and learn about the different diseases that you can vaccinate against.


Learn about the most common intestinal worms in dogs and the symptoms your dog may experience.