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Logan Village Community Centre

Venue available hours

Curfew midnight (7 days)


30 Wharf Street, Logan Village


Management Committee

There are opportunities to volunteer at this Community Centre. Please call the centre for further information.

A copy of the Logan Village Community Centre (PDF 560 KB) flyer is available for download.

Facilities include:

  • Meeting room: Upstairs Old School building (vinyl/carpet floor) (70 people)
  • Meeting room: Downstairs Old School building (concrete floor) (70 people)
  • Meeting room: Col Ferguson Cottage (carpet floor) (30 people)
  • Kitchen: Fridge/stove/urn (facilities vary, please enquire)
  • Disability access: Downstairs meeting room and Doo Drop Inn Craft Cottage
  • Disabled facilities: Disabled toilet in adjacent park
  • Tables: Rectangular x four (seat eight per table) upstairs
  • Tables: Rectangular x two (seat eight per table) downstairs
  • Tables: Rectangular x one (seats eight) - Col Ferguson Cottage; Boardroom x one (seats 16) - Col Ferguson Cottage
  • Chairs: 50 (Upstairs); 100 (Downstairs); 20 (Col Ferguson)
  • Parking: Car park and on-street parking available
  • Cooling/Heating: Air conditioning in Col Ferguson Cottage; fans in all venues (not all ceiling mounted)
  • Recreation: BBQ/playground in adjacent park

Programs offered:

  • Doo Drop Inn Craft Cottage (retail sales)
  • Logan Village Museum and Local History Centre

Other regular users:

  • Playground
  • Craft
  • Yoga
  • Garden Club
  • Ukulele Club
  • Bushwalkers Club
  • Country Music Club
  • Gideon's International
  • Church - Christian Family
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • House With No Steps