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SouthWest 1 Enterprise Park & Berrinba Wetlands

SouthWest 1 is a master-planned 40 hectare mixed industry and business precinct, which has attracted high quality green commercial tenants. Once fully tenanted, it is expected to create up to 2,000 new jobs in the city.

The park can be entered via Bayliss Road or Magnesium Drive, Berrinba.


Wayne Goss Drive, Browns Plains


Phone: 07 3412 5410


Capacity: 60 people

Curfew: 10.30pm


Fees include the use of:

  • 60 chairs
  • 15 tables - cafe style
  • Full size fridge
  • Kitchenette - microwave, stove, urn, sink
Berrinba Wetlands facilities fees
Facility Non-profit /
Community Rates
Standard Rates
Half Day Hire (up to 4 hours) POA POA
Full Day Hire (over 4 hours) POA POA

Please note: Security Guards may be required for your event - priced on application.
Bond required POA.

The environment

Get close to nature and learn more about the natural environment at Berrinba. SouthWest 1 highlights the best of local flora and fauna, with a key focus on preserving the environment for future generations. It is a nature lover's haven in the heart of Logan.


  • 8.5 km of walkways and bike tracks.
  • An interpretive centre featuring interactive LCD screens and viewing platform.
  • Five substantial bridges providing safe human movement around the entire site. The bridge rails can collapse in times of flood to minimise debris build-up.


  • A large variety of bird and animal species living right in our own backyard.
  • 100 nesting boxes have been placed for birds, possums and gliders in the wetlands and wireless cameras can be installed for research projects if required.
  • 430,000 Australian native plants including 20,000 shrubs and trees.
  • Bridge 4's 80 metre span (including elevated approaches) over the Scrubby Creek floodplain. It is 28 metres high and one of the highlights of the site.
  • The tributaries flowing through the wetlands.
  • Waterways up to 12 metres deep in some parts.

Preserving by design

  • Only 40 hectares of the 120 hectare site is being developed. The remaining 80 hectares are being protected and rehabilitated.
  • The wetlands are man-made, created by sand and mining operations after World War II, and have largely remained untouched since the 1990s.
  • No pathway has been placed through the Wallum Froglet's habitat to ensure its future.
  • Non-native trees have been cleared, leaving natural bush and regrowth to encourage the return of native wildlife.
  • Each allotment in the high quality, clean, green industrial estate has a rainwater runoff facility (provided by Logan City Council as part of standard services).
  • All buildings are being designed to maximise environmental sustainability.
  • Energy efficiencies are required in all development designs to minimise the amount of electricity required.
  • Each allotment can potentially have future access to recycled water, to be used for landscaping and industrial use.

Educational facilities

Logan students now have the opportunity to step outside their classroom and learn about the environment and wildlife first hand.

Educational facilities built into the SouthWest 1 development provide students with an interactive and innovative way to learn about Berrinba's natural environment.

Interpretive centre

  • Interactive LCD screens providing a wide variety of information.
  • Viewing platform over the wetlands linked to the tracks along the water.
  • Self-guided school tours.
  • Shelter available for hire for outdoor lessons.
  • Range of projects available including adopting an area of wetland to study and nurture or a study of the wildlife within the area.


  • Footage of wildlife collected via webcams placed within the site is available for school projects or for scientific research projects.

Community facilities

The next time you are planning a fun day out for all the family, look no further than SouthWest 1, Berrinba.

With parks, natural bushland, walking and bike tracks, picnic areas and playground equipment, SouthWest 1 has something to offer residents of all ages.

For families

  • Safe, modern playground with equipment for children aged 2 to 12.
  • Picnic facilities.
  • Rest areas along wetland tracks.
  • On-site kiosk.
  • Barbecue facilities.
  • An interpretive centre.
  • Safety cameras in several locations.
  • Toilet facilities.

For nature lovers

  • Bird watching.
  • Extensive natural wetlands and native bushland.
  • 80 hectare site with public facilities and easy access along 8.5 km of walkways and bike tracks.

For fitness lovers

  • Connection points from surrounding areas with easy access to Logan's network of walkways and bike tracks.
  • Safe walk ways and bike tracks ranging from 2.5 metres to 2.8 metres wide.
  • Bridge rails angled for cyclist safety.
  • Walking tracks set back from bushland to improve safety.
  • Track maps and other information available from interpretive centre and around the site.

Cultural heritage

A new era of cooperation and understanding has evolved during the creation of SouthWest 1.

Logan's first Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) was formalised with the Jagera People, ensuring the indigenous cultural heritage values of the area are respected during development and construction of the Berrinba Wetlands project.

The CHMP offers a framework for all parties for understanding and respect and was developed under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003.


  • Promotes and protects Aboriginal cultural heritage at the Berrinba site.
  • Determines special actions and procedures to be carried out during the construction phase of the project, ensuring all potential Aboriginal cultural heritage values and places are maintained.
  • Protects the existing lake system.
  • Included provision for all site staff to undertake a cultural heritage induction provided by Jagera Daran (which represents the cultural heritage interests of the Jagera people).
  • Encouraged employment of workers of indigenous heritage on site where possible.

While there is no evidence of cultural heritage artefacts on the site, a number of "scarred" trees have been identified, indicating the area was traditionally used by Aboriginal people as a stop off point or permanent campsite.

The economy

SouthWest 1 has been designed and developed to provide an important focal point in Logan for jobs, business and recreation.

The development

  • Will ultimately create 2,000 jobs.
  • When blending the mixed industry development and natural environment, sets a standard for quality development in the city and across Australia.
  • Has had a strong and positive response from industry representatives.

Services offered

  • A range of commercial and retail services for the community and local business operators (those within SouthWest 1 and the nearby Crestmead Industrial Estate).
  • Use of high-end communication technology, with every lot having an optical fibre system available (copper systems also available). This is part of Logan City Council's approach to creating a knowledge-based economy, one of the underpinning principles of the SouthWest 1 concept.
  • Future plans for the site include a medical centre, post office, retail outlet, childcare and dining facilities as well as indoor and outdoor entertainment.

For the city

  • Additional revenue from the mixed industry precinct and funds from the sale of the land will be more than $30 million over the next five to seven years.
  • The development is centrally located between Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich.
  • It has access to a first-class road infrastructure network (Logan Motorway) and access to public transport (trains and buses).