Active Logan

What is the Active Logan Program?

Active Logan Program is a Logan City Council initiative offering free and low cost activities throughout Logan for all abilities and fitness levels. The program was developed in 2008 providing 4 activities and has now grown to provide 19 regular activities for the community to enjoy.

 The Active Logan Program aims to:

  • Promote benefits of physical activity
  • Provide opportunities to participate in physical activity
  • Support the community to lead healthier lifestyles
  • Showcase our beautiful parks and community spaces

Why should I get involved?

The Active Logan Program will provide opportunities for you to:

  • Participate in free and low cost activities
  • Feel happier and have an improved sense of well-being
  • Reduce the effects of stress
  • Increase your energy
  • Reduce your risk of developing a chronic disease such a diabetes
  • Opportunity to make new friends
  • Become stronger and healthier

A copy of the Active Logan flyer detailing times, dates and costs for activities can be downloaded below.

13 January - 6 April 2014 (PDF 3118 KB)

For information on activities happening after 6 April 2014 please refer to Council's new publication The Passport to Logan City. Please note all activities listed will continue as detailed in this document until 29 June 2014.

How do I become a provider for Council's Active and Healthy Program?

The Active Logan and Healthy Logan programs provide free/low cost physical activities and health and wellbeing programs to encourage members of the Logan community to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The programs have been reviewed and to afford the fair and equitable delivery, Council is undertaking an open tender process to ensure the provision of optimum activities and value for money.Active Logan tender image

If you are interested in delivering nutrition and healthy living activities/programs and physical activity programs for Logan residents, Council encourages you to complete a tender application.

Tender documentation and all relevant information can be downloaded and submissions are to be lodged online via LG Tender Box at visit by no later than 2pm, Wednesday 16 April 2014.

All enquiries must be submitted via the LG Tender Box Forum to: Council’s Community Programs Officer.  Any questions and responses to Council shall be collated, documented and distributed to all tenderers to ensure equity and fairness to all respondents.

Council will be providing an information session on Thursday 27 March 2014 for anyone interested in developing a tender.  The information session will be held in the Lounge at Logan Central Library, Wilbur Street, Logan Central starting at 5:30pm.  Registrations for this event are not required.

What was the Active Logan Review?

This review completed a full health check of the Active Logan Program. It identified strengths and areas of improvement to help ensure the sustainability and continued development of the program. These outcomes were identified through surveys, interviews and forum with the community.

 The key findings of the review are outlined below:
◾There is a high satisfaction rating of the program
◾The program attracts and retains many participants
◾Affordability of the program is a driver for participation
◾The program is highly valued by community members
◾There are opportunities to develop the structure and delivery of the program
◾The recommendations will further enhance the program for the community and Logan City Council

Many testimonials were gathered with a snapshot provided below:
◾"I feel so much happier and healthier"
◾"It has been habit and life changing"
◾"I hate exercise but I love this class"
◾"I have lost 20kg from the class"
◾"It brings people together"

The final report detailing the outcomes of the review is provided here (PDF 4115 KB).

Need more information?

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Council's Community Programs Officer on 3412 3412 or email

Definitions of Active Logan Activities

Active Logan Bootcamp

A military inspired group personal training program that aims to increase core strength and stability, improve cardiovascular fitness and tone and tighten the body. The training sessions are physically and mentally challenging and participants feel an enormous sense of achievement when they finish each session! Achieve maximum results in minimum time - while having great fun and making new friends!

Adizone Bootcamp

These free, fun and relaxed classes are for all abilities will introduce you to the new and exciting adiZone gym, which includes a traversing wall, tennis/kick wall, basketball court, sprint track and 15 gym stations including cross trainer, treadmill and leg press.

Aerobics 4 All

Don't like exercising by yourself? Aerobics 4 All is a fun, motivating and friendly group aerobics session designed for everyone's fitness levels. Suitable for all ages and abilities this activity will help improve your posture, mobility, flexibility and aims build strength and fitness levels in an encouraging environment.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics is a fantastic form of low impact non-weight bearing exercise that supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint pain and injury. Since the buoyancy of water supports 90 percent of the body, practically anyone can do aqua aerobics, regardless of factors like fitness levels, weight, age, and health conditions. Aqua aerobics helps conditions the heart and lungs, along with all the major muscle groups. Plus, it is a gentle way of building cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance.


BoxFit provides an effective full body workout in a fun and safe environment for all ages and abilities. Increase your muscle tone, lower body fat, improve reflexes and upper body strength. This workout includes boxing drills, strength, aerobic, cardio training and conditioning exercises aimed at burning calories and toning. Boxercise classes are always fun, energetic and addictive.

Fitball Fun

Forget boring sit-ups! Fitball Funn is a unique workout that offers toning, strength building and core-stability exercises through the use of a fitball. The benefits of exercising with a Fitball are gained as the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging more muscles. These muscles then become stronger over time as you work on keeping balanced for longer period of time.

Fitness Fast-Track

Looking to get back into shape? Join this Fitness Fast-Track session to help shed those extra kilos and increase your fitness levels asap. Our trainer will be able motivate and inspire you to fast-track your fitness results.

Gentle Fitness Workout

Join this fun, friendly and light group training session designed for people who enjoy low intensity activities. An essential class for all abilities and ages to increase energy levels and cardiovascular fitness at your own pace.


inControl is a class designed to strengthen and tone the whole body. inControl utilises a combination of resistance xercises using a Swiss ball and hand weights.

Parents and Bubs Playtime

Take part in this fun playtime session designed for children aged 2-5 years and their parents/carer. This stimulating session provides endless movement opportunities for each child to play and learn and will assist your child in development, co-ordination, confidence and self-esteem.


Parkrun is a free, weekly, 5km timed run/walk organised by local volunteers. The activity is open to everyone, all ages and fitness levels. Visit for further information.

Personal Training Fitness Session

This group personal training and fitness session is suitable for all and aims to improve fitness, strength and flexibility in a fun environment. Join like-minded people who love exercising outdoors to build and maintain your fitness. Reach your personal fitness goals with the help and encouragment of your very own personal trainer.

Spin Cycle Class

This indoor cycling training session is set to the rhythm of powerful music and tailored to a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. A great calorie-burning workout that is low impact, you'll leave feeling energised and wanting more!

Tai Chi

Tune in your mind, body and spirit with this ancient Chinese health exercise. Tai Chi will help you relax and better deal with life's stresses.

Ultimate Dance Workout

This ultimate dance workout combines dance, resistance training, pilates, yoga and kickboxing set to the rhythm and beat of the latest pop, jazz, hip-hop and rock music.


Originating from India and practiced for thousands of years, Yoga helps create balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This gentle yoga class will also help de-stress and enhance your sense of well being.

Yoga Fusion

This activity is a blend of yoga, pilates, tai-chi and other relaxation techniques helping to create balance in the body through strength and flexibility development. Pease bring pilates/yoga mat or towel.


The latest fitness craze, when you see Zumba in action, you can't wait to give it a try. Zumba feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before participants know it, they're getting fit and their energy levels are soaring! There's no other fitness class like a Zumba Fitness-Party. It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating. The movements are easy to follow and you can work it at your own fitness levels. Zumba is "exercise in disguise!"

Zumba Gold®

The same great Zumba moves, but targeted to suit active older participants and those just starting their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. If you looking for camaraderie, excitement and fitness as a regular part of you fitness regime then Zumba Gold is the perfect fit.