Did you know it is illegal to ride a trail bike in a park, easement, bushland or any other public space?

The law

The administration of laws regulating trail bikes is shared between the Queensland Police and Council. Logan City Council's Park Rangers, in liaison with the Police, regulate all matters relating to the illegal riding of trail bikes in parks and bushland, including unlicensed, unregistered and unroadworthy trail bikes.

New laws, which came into effect on 1 July 2006, give Police the power to respond to nuisance complaints concerning noise from trail bikes. This legislation allows the Police to impound noisy bikes for a minimum of 48 hours or indefinitely, mirroring Queensland's anti-hooning laws. Police may apply to courts for permanent confiscation of a bike for repeat offenders.

Where to ride your trail bike

It is illegal to ride any motorcycle whether registered or not, on any parkland or bushland in Logan. There are various organisations and facilities in and around Logan that cater for trail bike riding. Information, including contact details, on where you can ride legally is provided below. Logan's parks and bushland areas are patrolled by trail bike mounted Park Rangers and Police Should you be detected riding a motorcycle in Logan's parks or bushland areas, you will be prosecuted. Fines range from $500 to $5,000.


Trail bike riders are responsible to ensure they comply with the relevant laws. Where a rider is a minor, the responsibility rests with the parent or guardian. To assist you with finding a suitable area to ride your motorcycle legally, a list of contacts is provided.

Trail bike riding is a popular past time, but have you considered these possibilities?

  • Is your bike so noisy that it affects neighbours and disturbs wildlife?
  • Does your riding create a trail of dust that annoys local residents and wildlife?
  • Does your trail bike cause erosion by damaging the soil and vegetation?
  • Have you encountered wildlife or other people on the track, such as bushwalker?

In truth, the answer to all of the above questions is probably yes. That's why Logan City Council is working with neighbouring Councils to find some legal sites for trail bike riding. There are a number of organisations and facilities in and around Logan that cater for trail bike riding, including the following: 

Trail bike riding organisations and facilities
Organisation Facility details

Albert District Motorcycle Club Inc.
Corner of Sandy Creek and Stanmore Roads, Yatala
Ph: 07 3281 2255

  • 11 acres with a motocross circuit.
  • Open Saturday and Sunday, 9 am - 4 pm.
  • Motorcycling Australia Licence required.

Australian Dirt Bike Adventures
Ph: 0402 484 471 (Ray Buchanan)

  • Organised weekend trail rides.
  • Registered or unregistered bikes.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Organised rides on several properties.

Dalby Moto Trail Rides
19 Hospital Road, Dalby
Ph: 07 4662 1211 (Dalby Moto)

  • Organised weekend trail rides.
  • Registered or unregistered bikes.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Organised rides on several properties.

Gold Coast MCC (Motocross)
Reedy Creek
Ph: 07 5522 7755

  • Motocross events
  • Night practice.
  • Motocross track under lights.

Reliability Trials Club of Brisbane
1376 Old Cleveland Road, Carindale
Ph: 0488 368 722

  • Motocross, enduro, trail rides.
  • 3 tracks: Pee Wee, Junior and Senior.
  • Club organises trail bike rides on several properties within easy drive from Logan.
  • Registered or unregistered bikes.

Black Duck Valley Motorbike Park
Browns Road, East Haldon, via Gatton
Ph: 07 5462 9116

  • 700 acre property.
  • Motocross tracks, freestyle jumps, Pee Wee motocross track, camping.
  • This great motorcycle weekend getaway location is well worth the drive to Gatton.

Team Moto Springwood
68 Moss Street, Springwood
Phone: 07 3380 2222

  • Organised rides and events.
  • All dirt bike disciplines.

Tivoli Motocross Raceway
Coal Road, Tivoli
Ph: 0413 562 569 (Simon)
Infoline: 07 3321 1536

  • Motocross circuit.
  • Recommend phone before going to confirm practice days.

Qld Moto Park
110 Goan Road, Coulson
Ph: 07 5463 5015


  • 2 full size motocross tracks
  • 1 x Stadium motocross track
  • 2 x Junior/Mini-Junior motocross
  • 1 x Peewee Track
  • 1 x 5km Junior Enduro Loop
  • 40-50kms of Senior Enduro Trails
  • Observed Moto-Trails Area
  • Freestyle motocross Compound

For a copy of this information sheet, please contact the Parks Branch on 07 3412 5524 or via email at

Tips on avoiding upsetting your neighbours

Trail bikes can be extremely noisy, particularly 2-stroke models. The best way to avoid a complaint being lodged with Council or the Police is to ensure your bike complies with the relevant noise standard.

Also, maintain open communication with your neighbours. If your neighbour feels they can raise an issue with you, they will more often than not talk to you instead of calling the Police. Remember, what you do on your property affects other people, so please be considerate.

Off-road schools

Whether you are a recreational trail rider, a first bike mini rider or a hard core motocross, flat track or enduro gun, top class coaches can enhance your off road riding skills so you can have more fun, be safer and go faster on the trail or track.

For more information on schools and contact numbers for coaches:

Motorcycling Queensland
Phone: 07 3281 2255

Further information

  • Police
    Phone: 07 3807 7770
  • Council's Customer Service Centre
    Phone: 07 3412 3412
  • Brett Harman
    Logan Park Ranger
    Phone: 07 3412 5338