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Search Tips

  • You can enter all or part of the business name or address - identify one word in the business name or address that is unique to get a more accurate search result.
  • You do not need to fill in all the fields - you may leave one or more of them blank.
  • You can select as many star ratings as you like, or leave all of them blank.
  • If a suburb is not present in the drop down list for the suburb search criterion field, that means there are no licensed food businesses in that area (i.e. the list will only contain suburbs within the Logan City Council local government area which do have licensed food businesses currently operating).
  • Search results are sorted by relevance by default, but you can re-sort the information by clicking on the column headings of any of the other columns (e.g. Name, Suburb, Rating).
  • If you enter multiple words (either in the same field or in multiple fields - e.g. business name and address), the search will treat all of the words separately and you will get more results (i.e. anything matching any of the words). E.g. if you enter 'cafĂ©' in the business name and 'hyperdome' in the address fields, you will see all businesses listed with either 'cafe' as part of their business name, or 'hyperdome' as part of their address.