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Meadowbrook Traffic Area

The Meadowbrook Traffic Area is a designated area within the city where area wide parking restrictions are in place. The area is a 2 hour parking restricted area (unless otherwise signed).The parking restrictions commence when a vehicle passes the Meadowbrook Traffic Area signage. The restrictions cease when the vehicles passes the 'End' Traffic Area signs.

Every road entry to the Meadowbrook Traffic Area is sign posted with a Traffic Area sign. There are also a number of intermediary traffic signs along the roads to remind drivers they are in the traffic area. Once a driver passes a Traffic Area sign the driver is deemed by law to have notice of the Traffic Area.

The Meadowbrook Traffic Area signs were erected in October 2013. After an initial educational period including media publicity, Council then removed all individual 2P parking control signs that were no longer required and parking enforcement is now conducted with the Traffic Area signage. The roads within the Meadowbrook Traffic Area encompass a large suburban area and also includes Armstrong Road which runs adjacent to the Logan Hospital and the Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe (MSIT).

Parking is limited in the area and if visiting Logan Hospital or MSIT there is local long term parking available at Noffke Park. This service is provided by the Rugby League Club located in Noffke Park opposite the southern end of Edenlea drive. A minimum fee is charged for this service.

Resident and visitor parking permits are available for local residents only – enquiries should be directed to the Road Infrastructure Planning branch on (07)3412 5282.