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Road Permits

Temporary road closures

Requests for temporary road closures for construction purposes, public gatherings or street parties, can be made by completing an Application for Road Closure. (PDF 75 KB)

Requests for placing a storage/shipping container on the footpath can be made by completing an Application Form to store Shipping Container on the footpath (PDF 40 KB).

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Council's Road Infrastructure Planning Branch on 07 3412 5282

Road opening permit

As an integral part of the road opening system Council has a Subordinate Local Law No. 11.1 "Interference with Local Government Roads" (2001), which requires permits for:

  • Road openings
  • Extraordinary traffic
  • Driveways

Council has a road opening permit system which requires persons to notify Council and provide security payments prior to undertaking any excavation works in Council's road reserve.

These requirements are outlined below:

Please see links below for copies of Standard Drawings for Service Corridors and Alignment in Road Reserves: