Is a Planning Assessment also Required?


Some building projects require a planning assessment by Council, in addition to a building approval. A private building certifier should identify whether a planning assessment is required before you start construction. 

This assessment process through Council will take place prior to a building certifier giving a building approval to start construction.

Common building projects which require a planning assessment

By way of example, this may include works which are:

  • over minimum boundary setbacks, being located close to the property boundary
  • over a particular size or height dimension
  • on land affected by an overlay within a planning scheme (for example, a steep slope or flood affected land)  

Further advice

To check whether you or your certifier will need to lodge an application through Council for a planning assessment of the building works, please refer to our webpage on different planning application types, which also contains information on fees and documentation requirements.

Please also have a look at our fact sheet on the building approval process in Queensland, to see a flowchart showing where the planning assessment sits in relation to the building approval process.