Buying, Selling and Searches

Council has provided application kits, forms and fees for property information, conveyance searches, variations, driveways and crossovers, for residential and commercial premises to assist you with your applications.

Private certifiers may also wish to register to lodge notices of engagement and other enquiries online, or sign in if you have already registered.

Before Building

Details on the requirements for achiving of building approvals and criteria for self-assessable building works.

Building Approval Records

Building approval report and building property inspection report application forms for property owners and prospective vendors.

Driveways & Crossovers

Policies, specifications and drawings for residential driveways, contact details for industrial driveways, and application forms for pipe crossovers.

Fact Sheets

The fact sheets provide an overview of the various planning, building and plumbing search services Council offers, as well as information on how to finalise building and plumbing approvals.

Pre 1998 Building Applications

Application form and fees applicable to request a final inspection and a Statement of Completion on structures constructed prior to April 1998.

Private Certifiers & Solicitors

Registration and sign in access for private certifiers wishing to access Council's website to lodge notices online.

Property Conveyance Searches

Residential and non-residential property information application forms for use if you are buying a house or vacant land, or buying commercial premises.

Request for Development Information

A checklist of the critical requirements of Council that are required to be addressed to notify Council.

Variation Applications for Building Work

Application kits for minor works and new dwellings to build on vacant land, and a neighbour's comment form for completion.