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Advice for Purchasers

Researching a property is an important step prior to purchase.

As a purchaser, there are good reasons to ensure you have enough information prior to purchase about the existence of building or planning approvals, and how planning constraints might affect a property, as:

  • obtaining approvals or doing rectification works to bring a building up to standards can be costly
  • a home and contents insurance policy or payout could be affected
  • it may affect the value or resale potential of the property

Council can help you by providing detailed information about the land, so you can protect yourself during the purchase process and beyond.

What to look for when buying a property

To get you started, Council offers Planning and Development Online, a free online search which can give you a quick snapshot of the zoning of the land and certain applicable approvals.

However, to inform your final decision, we recommend that you request a property search to tell you:

  • Whether all buildings or structures on the property have a building approval
  • Whether a building has had a final inspection, indicating it meets the relevant standards
  • If any swimming pool or spa has a Form 23 pool safety certificate or Form 17 building approval final inspection certificate
  • If an existing use of the land is lawful and has a development approval
  • Whether the zoning or any overlays will affect the use or development of the land
  • Whether there are any restrictive covenants or development approval conditions (for example, a restriction against the keeping of animals in an environmentally sensitive area)
  • For a commercial building, if a certificate of classification is current or whether there are any outstanding infrastructure charges

Understanding the local area

Logan is a diverse and growing city. We suggest that you read a little about the history of Logan, what it is like to live in the Logan community and experience its facilities, parks and entertainment.

Further advice

This information is provided as general advice only. Council recommends you seek independent legal advice in respect of your particular transaction. For further information, please have a look at the fact sheets and FAQs, visit these useful links or contact Council to discuss any questions you may have.