Logan Urban Design Awards

The Logan Urban Design Awards is a biennial event promoting excellence in the design and creation of urban environments large and small within the City of Logan.

Logan in 2014 is a dynamic, diverse and proud community and Council is committed to creating more attractive, accessible, safe and cohesive communities. As Logan continues to expand in population it is important that we encourage a healthier and more active region. Logan City is home to more than 21,000 businesses and is fast becoming a prime destination for both local and international investors. Our thriving businesses last year created more than 15,000 new jobs in the region. Investment confidence is strong in Logan.

The 2014 Logan Urban Design Awards will be awarded from one of the four categories below:

  • Master Planning Award
  • Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award
  • Architecture Award
  • Business and Events Award


The awards will be open to projects, businesses or events that reside within the City of Logan established between the years 2000 to 2014 (present). Projects entered in the awards must have reached completion at least to the point of enabling assessment by the judging panel. Projects may cover a range of scales and types as defined by the four awards categories and the selection criteria.

Registrations close on 26 September 2014 and will be announced on 8 October 2014.

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Selection criteria

The awards criteria adopts the principles of Creating Places for People—an urban design protocol for Australian cities, which forms the Australian Government's approved policy for urban design. The document and more information can be accessed from the protocol's website, at the link below.

The awards categories acknowledge that good urban design can be large or small. Thinking about urban design of different scales will help Council in creating healthy, inclusive and social environments that:

  • Attract business and private investment
  • Provides a choice of housing, work and lifestyle options
  • Facilitates creativity and innovation
  • Has a strong identity and sense of place

The judging panel

Judges will voluntarily participate and will consist of the Mayor, the Chairperson of the Planning and Development Committee and four experts from professional and peak body affiliations.

Reflecting the collaborative nature of urban design, the judging panel will be a partnership between organisations active in urban design projects both locally and nationally.

These organisations include:

  • Planning Institute of Australia
  • The Urban Development Institute of Australia
  • Urban Design Alliance
  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture
  • Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia
  • Australian Institute of Architecture
  • Property Council
  • Tourism and Events Queensland

The judging panel for the 2014 awards will be announced in September 2014.


Logan City Council would like to acknowledge the support of the following LUDA sponsors for 2014:

Gold overall sponsorship

Overall LUDA 2014 AwardGriffith University

Silver category sponsorship

Master Planning Awardurbis
Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure AwardNaturform
Architecture Awardcbp Lawyers
Business and Events AwardLOED

Bronze category sponsorship

If you are interested in becoming a bronze sponsor please contact Council by email on luda@logan.qld.gov.au.