Types of Applications

Building Works Assessable against a Planning Scheme

Applications where a building project does not meet standards specified by a planning scheme and require this specific application type to be submitted to Council.

Compliance Assessment

Compliance Assessment is required for certain types of subdivisions in residential and industrial areas and operational works associated with these subdivisions.

Concurrence Agency (SBR) Assessment

Applications for Siting Variations and Amenity and Aesthetics Assessment (for Gold Coast planning scheme area only).

Material Change of Use

A material change of use application is required where changing the type, scale or intensity of the use of the existing premises.

Operational Works

Applications involving 'Operational Work' are required where development proposes to alter the shape or form of land or undertake activities associated with new infrastructure.

Reconfiguring a Lot

Reconfiguring a lot involves subdividing, amalgamating or rearranging boundaries and the creation of easements used for property access.