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Current & Upcoming Works

The following roads and drainage works will be carried out in Logan over the coming months.

Upcoming roads and drainage works in Logan
SuburbStreetDescriptionStart Date*End Date*Division
BeenleighZander StreetReconstruct Retaining WallMay 2016June 201612
BethaniaGoodooga DrivePavement RepairsApril 2016April 20166
Browns PlainsBerkley DriveAsphalt ResurfacingApril 2016April 20168
Browns PlainsBrowns Plains Road (between Johnson Rd to Grand Plaza Drive)Asphalt ResurfacingMarch 2016April 20168
Browns PlainsForestglen Crescent (inc Box St, Sherwood Dr, Scenic Ave, Woodview St, Woodland Cres, Dante Cres, Timbertop Ave, Harmony Ct, Glendale Cres) (PDF 196 KB)Master Drainage UpgradeNovember 2015July 20168
Browns PlainsSavoy CourtAsphalt ResurfacingApril 2016April 20168
Browns PlainsWaller RoadSubsoil Drain WorksApril 2016May 20168
Browns PlainsYancey StreetKerb and Channel RehabilitationMarch 2016May 20168
Chambers FlatAnzac AvenueAsphalt ResurfacingApril 2016April 20169
Chambers FlatSungold RoadSpray SealApril 2016April 20169
CrestmeadChambers Flat Road (Park Ridge Rd to Entrance St) (PDF 767 KB)New Traffic Lanes, signalised intersectionsLate August 2015Late 20168 & 9
Daisy HillLyndale StreetPavement RepairsApril 2016April 201610
EaglebyMelwood StreetPavement RepairsApril 2016April 201612
Eagleby Greenfield StreetPavement RepairsApril 2016April 201612
EaglebyRiver Hills Road (from #50 to Swallow Street)Pavement RehabilitationApril 2016July 201612
Greenbank Greenbank Road/Crowson LanePavement RepairsApril 2016April 20167
GreenbankSilvereye CrescentSpray SealApril 2016April 20167
Greenbank Thompson RoadSpray SealApril 2016April 20167
Hillcrest Silvertop StreetAsphalt ResurfacingApril 2016April 20167
JimboombaBoorah RoadPavement RehabilitationOctober 2015May 201611
JimboombaBrisbane Street (Mt Lindesay Hwy Service Road) - Darcy Edmunds Bridge (PDF 233 KB)Bridge ReplacementJanuary 2015June 201611
JimboombaKurrajong RoadSpray SealApril 2016April 201611
JimboombaMyrtle RoadSpray SealApril 2016April 201611
LoganleaHaig RoadPavement RepairsApril 2016April 20165
Logan CentralRailway ParadePavement RepairsApril 2016April 20162
Logan ReserveChambers Flat Road (Sungold Rd to East Beaudesert Rd)Spray SealApril 2016April 20169
Logan VillageMiller Road (bridge) (PDF 461 KB)Bridge ReplacementMay 2016September 20164
LoganleaService Road (incl Monash Rd Intersection)Asphalt ResurfacingMay 2016May 20165
MarsdenFourth AvenueAsphalt ResurfacingMay 2016May 20165
MeadowbrookKilsay CrescentPavement RepairsApril 2016April 20166
New BeithDungaree DrivePavement RehabilitationApril 2016June 201611
North MacleanGreenbank Road/Teviot RoadPavement RepairsApril 2016April 201611
Park RidgeChambers Flat Road (Park Ridge Rd to Entrance St) (PDF 767 KB)New Traffic Lanes, signalised intersectionsLate August 2015December 20168 & 9
Regents ParkRegency DrivePavement RepairsApril 2016April 20168
Shailer ParkPlantain RoadPavement RepairsApril 2016April 201610
Slacks CreekLake RoadNew open drain, footpath and kerb worksApril 2016May 20163
Slacks CreekMeakin RoadPavement RehabilitationApril 2016September 20163
South MacleanTeviot Road (Abade Creek Road to Flagstone Creek) (PDF 328 KB)Road UpgradeJuly 2015September 201611
Springwood Van Dieman Crescent & Batman Crescent (PDF 155 KB)Master DrainageApril 2016July 20163
TamborinePlunkett RoadSpray SealApril 2016April 20164
UnderwoodBotanical DriveAsphalt ResurfacingApril 2016April 20162
Underwood Underwood RoadPedestrian BridgeApril 2016June 20162
Waterford WestMuchow Road (between Moffatt & Kingston Rds) (PDF 475 KB)Pavement RehabilitationApril 2016June 20165 & 9
Waterford WestShort StreetPavement RepairsApril 2016April 20165

* All works will commence as planned, weather permitting. Change to the works program may occur due to unforseen circumstances.

Both Council and known Contractor works have been listed, to ensure residents are aware of all works that may affect local roads.

For more information, please contact Road Infrastructure Delivery on 07 3412 4551.