The following roads and drainage works will be carried out in Logan over the coming months.

Upcoming roads and drainage works in Logan
SuburbStreetDescriptionStart Date*End Date*Division
Chambers FlatKenny RoadRoad rehabilitationLate June 2014Late September 20149
Daisy HillOleander StreetPavement rehabilitationEarly Aug 2014Late Sept 201410
GreenbankGoodna RoadRoad rehabilitationLate Aug 2014Late Sept 20147
GreenbankThompson RoadRoad rehabilitationMid June 2014Late Oct 20147
JimboombaCusack LaneRoad reconstructionMid May 2014November 201411
KingstonThird AvenueThird Avenue Kingston Road Extension Stage 3November 2014End Aug 20145
Logan ReserveLogan Reserve RoadRoad constructionDecember 2013 September 20149
Logan ReserveLoganview Road NorthRoad rehabilitationEarly Aug 2014Late Dec 20149
LoganleaJellico StreetPavement rehabilitationMid June 2014Late Dec 20145
LoganleaRobert StreetRoad rehabilitationLate June 2014Late Oct 20145
Mount Warren ParkMount Warren RoadRoad rehabilitationEarly July 2014Mid Aug 20144
MunrubenCarter RoadRoad rehabilitationLate June 2014Late Sept 20149
Rochedale SouthKaroonda CrescentMaster drainage works March 2014Sept 20141
Rochedale SouthUnderwood RoadTraffic Management ProjectStart Aug 2014End Oct 20141
Tanah MarehTanah Mareh DriveRoad rehabilitationEarly Aug 2014Late Aug 20146
Tanah MarehBotanical DriveRoad rehabilitationEarly Aug 2014Late Aug 20146
WoodridgeLaurel StreetRoad rehabilitationEarly Aug 2014Mid Aug 20142

* All works will commence as planned, weather permitting. Change to the works program may occur due to unforseen circumstances.

Both Council and known Contractor works have been listed, to ensure residents are aware of all works that may affect local roads.

For more information, please contact Road Infrastructure Delivery on 07 3412 4551.