The following web pages provide information about applicable planning schemes for Logan City, Council's infrastructure planning, parks planning, community planning, and information to make the development application process easier for you.

Community Planning

Council has many goals for providing opportunities to residents and businesses in Logan City, and protecting our waterways and environment. These plans outline strategies to guide Council's programs and activities over the coming years, to achieve those goals for the city.

Current Planning Schemes

The planning schemes provide direction toward regulating the future planning of development and is one of the tools to be utilised in achieving Logan City's objectives towards a city for families, lifestyle and business.

General Planning Layouts

General Planning Layouts (GPLs) are a Council preferred illustrative and indicative layout proposal for development of an area usually with fragmented ownership

Growth Management Core Matters

The Growth Management Core Matters sets out a framework for the future planning within Logan over the period 2008-2026.

Infrastructure Charging

The latest amendment, the Logan Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.3) 2012, came into effect on 1 July 2012.

Infrastructure Planning

Council's Priority Infrastructure Plan to provide forward planning for infrastructure networks and managing Logan City's population and employment growth.

Local Growth Management Strategy

The Local Growth Management Strategy addresses issues identified in the South East Queensland (SEQ) Regional Plan relating to employment, population targets, infrastructure, open space, transport and housing in Logan.

Local Plans

Local plans are a guide for development with local areas of Logan City.

Logan City Development Incentive Fund

The Logan City Development Incentive Fund is an exciting initiative aimed at encouraging development in Logan City and encouraging new, major developments in key locations in our city.

Revised Logan Planning Scheme

Council is preparing a new integrated planning scheme that will support a safe and healthy community and a strong economy while conserving the natural environment.

Major New Cities

Council is developing plans for major new cities such as Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba.

Parks Planning

Council is preparing plans for improvements to a number of major parks in the city and you can participate in this planning process by sending us your ideas and comments.

Structure Plans & Master Plans

Council is developing structure plans in various areas of Logan City.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument

A Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) is a statutory instrument used to bring into effect immediately changes to a planning scheme prior to its amendment where there is a significant risk of serious environmental harm, or serious adverse cultural, economic or social conditions occurring in the planning scheme area and the delay would increase the risk.

Urban Design

Information regarding high quality developments in Logan that serve as models of quality urban design.